Relax. Breathe.
Take in the air surrounding your lips
And quiet the moan
Holding poise in your throat.
You are plugging your ears
With the quiet lies of music
Hoping it will soothe
Your aching heart
But it doesn't help.
Your complaints are too loud
That they all stop listening
And you begin to feel even more alone.
You cant blame me.
You walked down that dark dangerous path
Without me,
Expecting that you would be able
To find the way
Without a light.
Don't cry;
You are too intelligent
To succumb to the dumb tears.
Force that crooked smile
To fool them, just like I used to.
Drink that poisoned cup of lies
Like every other lost soul.
You are beautiful
But I can't see you anymore.
Your figure is fading
Like mist into a blur
And you are taken in with oxygen
Into the lungs of the innocent.
I want to tell you
I love you
But in my heart you no longer exist.