"What the hell is your problem? Are you trying to bump my man or something?" Those were the first words Mia heard at her new school. But before Mia could say her come back the boy she had bumped into began to speak.
"Kadisia, cut it out, it was just an accident. Don't start anything with her." He said gazing at Mia with hazel eyes.
"Alright Shaun, anything you say." But as Kadisia passed by Mia, she whispered, "You better watch yourself cuz I ain t no one to mess with!"
Switching schools on your second year of high school really isn't that much fun. Mia was no exception to this problem. Being an army brat, she has been moved all around the world. But for her moving wasn't the problem, it was the fact that she had to make new friendships that wouldn't last long. This year s current residence for the Faxtons was Atlanta, Georgia. As she walked into the halls of Crescent High she was noticed right away by the students in the halls. Mia started to blush and looked down at her schedule to find her first class. But because she was so preoccupied looking down, she ended up bumping into an extremely good looking guy. Causing that uncomfortable confrontation by the girl called Kadisia.
After just twenty seconds in those halls Mia already made a bad first impression on that couple and their friends. It came to a total of fifteen people who already think that she's a dork or cluts. So, as quickly as she could she went to her first class and prayed that no more bad would come her way. But she was wrong not only was that hottie Shaun was in her class but Kadisia and her crew too.
Now, because her father was a Sergeant she knew how to talk with authority and fight if someone starts anything. So Mia didn't give a damn about Kadisia if she started anything this year. It was Shaun who got her blushing.
Hold on there girl, she thought, you don t even know him like that at all. So don't get it started.
"Hi are you new?" said a girl from across the room If you have never seen me before of course I'm new! Mia thought. And what if I wasn't? What if I had been at this school last? I would be either pissed or upset. "Yes I am", said Mia. As the girl moved closer, Mia examined her. She was quite thin and of average height, had dark chocolate skin, big brown eyes, and long black hair that hung down her back. She wore dark blue skinny jeans with an orange tank and a white hoodie that fit her just right. Her shoes were white with orange glitter on them and she wore a thin layer of pink-orange lip gloss. This girl knew how to dress, Mia thought. By the time she was able to comprehend the girl began to speak.
"Hey, my name's Sandra. What s yours?"
I m Mia, nice to meet you."
"So where are you from?"
"Nowhere, I'm an army brat. Never lived in the same place for more than a year and a half "NO WAY! I thought I knew Armani pants when I see them! You lived in Italy?" Sandra couldn't keep her excitement to herself. Mia could tell that she knew everything about everything. So she assumed that Sandra could be a bit of a gossip sometimes.
"Yea but that was for a short time only for..."
"Ok class lets get started. I'm Mrs. Hawkins", said an aged white women with short brown hair.
As she started her lesson Mia thought of her battle plan on surviving the year. Before she planned the second semester, the bell rang and the students were off. She decided to catch up with Sandra and ask her some things.
"Hey need help finding your next class?" Sandra said walking at a fast pace.
"That and what s the deal on that girl?" Mia pointed to Kadisia.
"Oh her? You got near Shaun didn't you? Kadisia isn't so bad but she goes crazy when girls get near Shaun. And if she doesn t like you right away, she's bound to start a fight with you before the year is over."
As they were talking, Mia noticed that Kadisia's eyes were fixed on her in a rude stare. So as they walked by Mia glared at her.
Then she turned and smiled to herself saying, "If this was first period on the first day I wonder how next class will be"
It turned out to be just fine. As she continued to her third class she was bumped again, but this time her books fell. And while trying to pick them up she found herself staring into hazel eyes. Then that person said,
"We gotta stop meeting like this."
Mia was speechless at the moment and did know what to say so she hit Shaun with a hot one.
"Meeting like what? It's like you want me to bump into you or something."
"Well it is fun to watch," Shaun said smirking. "Glad to be your entertainment," Mia said sarcastically.
Shaun laughed at her comment, I didn't mean it like that. What I meant was uh...I'm Shaun."
"I'm Mia," she said quickly.
The next five seconds was silence and then broken by the intense ring of the school bell.
"Damn it," Mia sighed, My first day and I'm already late for a class that I don't the location of! I should be on my way."
"What do you have this period?" Shaun asked.
Mia looked down at her schedule, Science, Mr. Crawford, room 236."
Shaun looked to confirm her words. Then he began to speak, Well, follow me!"
"Hold up, just because I'm new don't mean I can't find my own way!" Mia said trying to show that she is independent. You don't need to show me the way to my class."
"I wasn't going to. It just so happens that you have the same class as I do, so you might as well follow me," Shaun replied. If you didn't have the same class I would have just given you directions."
"Oh," said Mia, Then, um, lead the way."
When the two had finally reached room 236 they were not surprised that the teacher was no fan of tardiness.
"Well well," Mr. Crawford began. It s only the third day of the new school year and I already have students coming late to my class I should feel so proud! But wait, I don't. Give me your names."
"Shaun Carob."
"Mia Faxton."
Mr. Crawford gave the two a look over his thin rimmed glasses. When his eyes got to Mia, they stopped. Pointing a finger at Mia he began to speak, Now, even though it's the third day, I do know that you are not in my class. In fact, I have never seen you on this campus before."
Mia knew that sometime during the day she was going to be told by someone that she didn't go to school here. Though this has happened to her many times before she still gets a bit shy having to explain who she is in front of all these potential friends. But, as Mia began to speak, Shaun took the wheel and told Crawford what happened.
"Well, Mr. Crawford, it is true that you haven't seen her on the campus before and neither has the hall monitor, Samuel Baker. You see, I was on my way to class when I noticed that Samuel was questioning Mia to see if she was an intruder. When she failed to come up with any I.D. or proof from last year that she attends this school, I decided to step in and straighten things out. Unfortunately it took longer than expected and now we are late. Sorry."
The teacher did not look pleased with this explanation. "I remember last year in the lounge, I would hear teachers speak of this boy who would come up with these outrageously realistic explanations. This talk has been happening for about three or four years now. Well, last year was his graduation year, and what many teachers thought was the end of this interesting persona. But to our knowledge when the boy hit his senior year, his brother came as a freshman. Isn't that right Mr. Carob?"
Everyone in the class looked at Shaun even if that meant breaking their neck to do so. "EXPOSED!" yelled a boy all the way at the back of the classroom.
The class could not contain their laughter.
By the look on Mr. Crawford s face, he was not amused with the joke so he raised his hand for the class to be silent. After the laughter and talking died down he began to speak again. Miss Faxton, because it is your first day I will let this slide." Then Crawford turned his eyes towards Shaun, But as for you!" He said over the rim of his glasses. "See me after class." At those words chatter began to breakout amongst the student while Mia and Shaun went to sit in whatever seat available.
As soon as Mia sat down at an open seat, she noticed a couple of students are watching her. Seeing that the majority watching her was girls, she knew that nothing good would come out of whatever they claim to witness. Mia also knew that word will get to Kadisia and will cause even more drama.
Man! All of this on the first day! And before lunch? Mia thought.
After twenty more minutes of nonsense from Mr. Crawford the lunch bell finally rings.
Thank God, Mia thought. At least she could have a break from these classes and hopefully Shaun.
Thank God I m almost home Mia said as she set walked up to the gates of her new neighborhood. Only army personnel and their families were allowed to live here, and they all called it the same thing, Base. As Mia arrived at the gates, she repeated the same procedure that she had to do in every army base that she has ever lived in. She pulled out her base photo ID card form her bag and showed it to the guard while reciting the same lines that she has recites a million times before.
My name is Mia Faxton, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Faxton and my Base ID number is 34897120. The guard looked at her photo as if she wasn t that person on that card. After about a minute, the guard gave Mia the card and told her that she may pass. As Mia walked further and further into Base, she realized that she was having difficulty finding her house.
Damn, all these houses look alike, Mia said to herself. I hope mom put out the scarf. Mia looked around to find something, anything to let her know that she has reached her destination. BINGO there it was, a purple scarf wrapped around the mailbox. At the sight of the scarf, Mia quickened her pace hoping to get in the house before the neighbors come out to talk to her or something.
Mama, Are you home? Mia asked as she put her backpack down on the couch.
I m in the kitchen sweetie. Come on in here; let me see you before you run upstairs. Sandra Faxton said to her daughter from the kitchen.
Mia walked into the kitchen to greet her mother but instead was greeted by the smell of a hot stove cooking all sorts of delicious food. Mia looked to her mom. Are you throwing down mom? Sandra smiled at her daughter s remark. Well, since we moved to the south, I thought it would be nice if I cooked up a little soul food. So what you making? Mia asked as she sat down at the breakfast bar to watch her mom cook.
Oh not much just fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, okra, biscuits, cornbread, peach cobbler and possibly sweet potato pie. Sandra looks towards the oven timer. I hope the cobbler finishes soon because I want to make that pie. Mia s mom said while stirring a pot.
Goodness mom, who are you feeding, the army? Mia said through laughter, It s just me, you and dad so what are we going to do with all that food? Oh I didn t tell you Mia? We re having guests over tonight. It s Major Sherwood and his wife, you know the nice couple that brought over the welcome basket; only this time they re bringing their children tonight. What? Mia said, Why am I the last to know everything that goes on around here? I said I forgot Mia, ok? Now go upstairs and get cleaned up for dinner. I put a dress on your bed so be a dear and wear it tonight. Sandra said beckoning her daughter to go away.
Mia walked into the living room to get her backpack then headed up the stairs to her room. As she opened the door to her room, she was not surprised to see the boxes piled head high on the side of the room. The only things that were in place were her bed, her dresser, her laptop, and some clothes in the closet. Everything else was packed away waiting for either Mia to take them out or the next move.
As she removed her clothes to prepare for a shower, she glanced at the dress her mother had chosen for her to wear. It was a simple black dress with no sleeves and a dire need of accessories. Mia decided to deal with that later and went to the bathroom to take a shower. With a shower underway Mia started to reflect on her first day of school. Someway, somehow Mia could not stop thinking about that hazel eyed boy that goes by the name of Shaun.
He s cute and all but he has too much drama connected to him. Mia thought while scrubbing her body down with coconut body wash. Her thoughts switched to the dinner. I wish I didn t have to do this dinner tonight but at least I get soul food. I wonder what Major Sherwood s family is like. I hope we don t get some ratty kids that wanna wreck the house before we even unpack. What if they have rude teenagers that don t even know how to act around other people? I hope I don t have to hang with them twenty-four seven like I did with the teens in Nairobi. They were so annoying and tried to act like they were the shit . Well it s whatever, time to deal if I want a good meal.
By the time Mia snapped out of her thoughts she was already out of the shower, dried and dressed. Mia took one final look in the mirror to see if she was on point. She was wearing the sleeveless black dress that fell down to her knees. She wore a gold chain belt around her hips, gold bangles on her arms and her favorite gold necklace. She topped it all off with a classic side ponytail because a high bun would be too classy for eating soul food. Being satisfied with what she saw Mia slipped on her black flats and headed downstairs.
Mia was awe struck when she made it into the dining room. The table was set with all the different food that her mother had been working on all day. All of a sudden Mia noticed that her mom made a few more additions to the menu, like corn and fish fritters. Mia could not believe that her mother did all this and, as if right on cue, Sandra Faxton comes into the dining room holding the sweet potato pie she was dying to make. In the midst of all that cooking, Sandra was still able to find some down time to make herself look fabulous. She was wearing a knee length red and white floral print dress with sleeves that just touched her elbows. She accompanied this dress with red heels and a sleek up do.
Well the table is all set, Sandra said placing the pie down with a big smile. Daddy called and said that he will be coming late for dinner so it s just the two of us for now okay sweetie? Yea that s fine mom, as long as he s coming home Mia said peeking out the window. They re here mom Who s here? Sandra said as if she forgot she was having guests over tonight.
The Sherwood s are here. They re walking up to the door right now. Mia could make out a couple around her parents age with three children, two girls and one boy all seem close to or in their teens.
DING-DONG Mia can you stop peeking and open the door please? Ok mom Mia said as she made her way to the door.
As she unlocked the door and got ready to open it she couldn t help but think,
I hope it s not Nairobi all over again.