Howling at the moon


Crick Clack Snap! Crick Clack Snap! The earth was my enemy tonight. Ever so often, actually way to often, my heavy foot would break a twig. If I weren't so petrified right now I would be kicking the shit out of those damn twigs; but I have no time. The woods were filled with endless rows of trees and bushes, making it impossible for me to find help. What was I looking for? I don't know, civilization maybe, or at least some place away from here and a weapon is a great addition to that. What am I thinking! I'm in the middle of nowhere; there wouldn't be any sign of life anywhere in sight for miles, let alone a shelter to protect me. I wanted to live! I don't want the white light to consume me that was why I continued to run.

'Run faster!' I thought obsessively.

I pushed myself even further when the sounds of howling and laughing came closer. My vision was blurry from the panic filled tears I was crying, which meant that I couldn't see straight, and on top of that it was nighttime. I swear, everything bad that I ever did in my whole entire life was coming up to take a bite at me tonight. Each time the terrifying sounds came closer, I looked behind me trying to help my brain processes that if I could see the chasers then that meant that I was going to die. No seriously, I was going to die if these chasers caught up with me. I wanted adrenaline to pulse in my veins, to give me strength, but all I was getting was a suffocating emotion of fear. This isn't fair! Why can't this be like the movies where there's cliché scene when the hero gets a random burst of energy and saves the day? Oh, right! This isn't a damn movie. I just can't process how it was possible that I was running away from something that is only seen in the movies, much less why I was acting like a frightened little wiener dog whose got running problems.

Worse was coming to worse when I started to feel my chest expanding impatiently searching for air to sooth the burning in my ribs and the soaring pain in my thighs. This is bad, very bad. My body cannot, CANNOT, BE SHUTTING DOWN! I heard something far away like a 'swoosh'sound, and then something flew by me so fast and discreetly that I didn't even realize it until it was too late. I suddenly felt needles digging into my arm, I think it was whatever flew by me a few seconds ago, trying to take me with it. Mimicking the needles came warm claw like hands forcefully attempting to pull me away from the cold needles. The warmth of the claws were not at all convincing me that I was being saved, if anything, I felt an equally threatening vibe from it as I did with the needled enemy. Both forces were tugging me in two different directions like a desired toy, or worse, dinner. I doubted me seeing the faces of my pullers would get me anywhere; still I would like to know the faces so when I die and become an evil sprit I can seek eternal vengeance on their cursed souls. Hmm, kinda unexpected from a person who is taking her definite death well don't you think? I felt both forces continuing to pull me closer to them, to be honest they weren't getting anything done, except… I don't know, maybe… pulling my shoulders out of their sockets!

I struggled to break free but my attempts went amiss; whatever these beings were, I was pretty sure they were not letting go of me for anything.

'They're stubborn. Almost human, emphasis on human,' I mentally noted.

This is great, just great; I'm going to die. I'm serious! I'm going to die from aching muscles (from running for my freakin' life), probably a heart attack (Because this whole weird shit happening), and be ripped to shreds then eaten by a hairy-clawed beast and a porcupine monster. I heard growling from both of these pullers; okay so the freaks knew how to communicate; they must be speaking weird-anise to one another. I bet they were fighting over which one would get the juiciest part of my body too. I sighed heavily; yup this was going to be a great way to go.

The tugging and growling became violently loud suddenly; the warm clawed beast yelped then let go and fell with a loud thud. Something wet splashed all over my face, I only hoped that the hairy beast had just licked me, and it had fallen dead silent after tha. The moon shone light above the tree rooftops of this strange desolate place creating tension so thick you could cut a knife through it.

I looked up at the moon angrily I wanted to yell 'You turn into a flashlight when I'm already caught? Damn you!'

But I didn't, instead I reached for my face. I was completely unaware of the fact that I was still in the hands of porcupine the monster; maybe that was a really stupid move. I saw a red liquid on my finger when I drew it away from my face, wondering if it was my own blood, only to find that I was not injured. I turned to look at where I heard the thud come from earlier out of curiosity, in an enormous ball of fur on the ground, laid a large brown dog with yellow eyes staring at me in excruciating agony. I felt a pinch a familiar-ness to it but the fear- filled tears were messing with my site so then again I couldn't be sure what I was looking at let alone how I should be feeling.

The large dog whined, and before I knew it, every last skin cell in my arm was screaming in torment. I was falling slowly and all sounds were sounding further and further away like I was on a cliff somewhere.

'Why?' I remembered thinking before I felt the cold snow covered ground beneath me.

I remembered wanting to find air too, but darkness consumed me. Hey I think that um, I'm pretty much dead now. Hey everybody! Come to my funeral or I'll haunt all your asses!

.._ er, or maybe not.

Let me tell you a couple of things about near death experiences; they fucking rock! wo-hoo! It's like an awesome roller coaster ride with no seat belts or nothing, well it's only like a thousand times more dangerous and exciting though. But now, as in at this moment, I'm growing kind of tired of my near death experiences. I mean, come on, the experiences always start the same and guess what? they even end the same too. ugh! like what the fuck-ity fuck fuck? First everything's goes all black and then I go all numb, and now I'm waking up all hyped with my heart beat all extremely fast and feeling like super de duper woman...And then that's it. So yeah trust me people you don't want to live a life full of death, cause then it becomes your norm and norm is well... how do I put this, um, BORING!

So when that little bastard (the porcupine monster) tried to suck every last drop of blood from my body; and I nearly died for the millionth time this month; I wasn't surprised to find out that I was safe again. But I still kinda love my near death experiences deep down 'cause my life is co-well (cool). I also love my near dying a dozen different agonizing ways of death because I'm always alive in end but I can't say the same will happen to you my friend. It's 'cause you're not important as I am frankly ,or rock as hard as I can either (no offense). My eyes fluttered open to the sight of a familiar buck naked man holding me in his arms, I always have loved this part. Since this man(as usual)wasn't really paying attention to me, I took this opportunity to study him, something to calm my racing heart beat (don't get me wrong he's really really really hot, it's jus he has that effect on me is all). As I studied the man I found his birth mark shaped like a heart above his left man boob, I mean nipple, god I'm starting to love that mark. So many times I've laid next to him fully naked and never did I notice the little things about Julius Perez that made him awesome until now. I let my sight further examine his body and noticed that his arms were still K-9, um whoops, I mean inhuman like. His right arm was dripping small droplets of blood. If I weren't so in 'la la land' I would've been worried about my clothes right about now, But I didn't I was more worried about him.

"You're bleeding," I informed him. Damn it! I hated when I was such a wuss about what I was feeling.

Julius looked broken away from his trance and started wiping the matching colored liquid from my mouth. Well um, I didn't remember doing that! I've must've been out for a while then if I went and did that. He usually shares his blood with me only during certain emergencies.

"I know," He responded as dryly as I informed him.

I guess it wasn't news to him about him bleeding dirt color blood all over the snow, er, that came out wrong. What I meant to say was... um, never mind forget it. Julius was always loosing bodily fluids whenever I was around because I'm always nearly dying (poor guy, his job must suck).

"You were out for a long while this time," Julius offered a conversation topic while we waited. "For half an hour I think,"

"Well finally something different happened this time." I smiled.

Julius didn't smile, "That's not funny, You're very important to us,"

Well I guess he was on his man- stration or something 'cause he was being real sucky at taking a joke. Men can be so, so, UGH! sometimes. Okay so most of the time sounds closer to the truth.

"Your Alpha-ness" He added awkwardly while avoiding eye contact.

"Don't" I warned.

He knew very well how I felt about him treating me like a leader. It's one thing to be leader, but another thing to actually want to be his leader for Christ's sake! I ached to be his lover again, not some stupid perfeysian* savoir.

"Don't make me choose between the rules of protecting you, my people and my feelings." He snapped angrily.

I didn't say another word; I knew I wouldn't be able to win, even if he was my subrogate. I knew deep down he still loved me. But his perfeysian family forbid him to tamper with my purity (ha I'm not even a virgin anymore) because he is not a Nelas* like I am. I silently watched as I saw a brunette approach us dressed for war in every aspect with his matching army approach us.

"Thank you Fesi* for saving Zathura," The brunette man with a long Black Panther tail said while slapping Julius on his back. I hated when he even said my name with emphasis (su-ah-thor-RA)

"It was my duty Beta Zion." Julius bowed respectfully.

Julius muttered a good bye to me and handed me over to him like I was a velvet pillow as well as bowing again before leaving. I saw him leaving with his shoulders hunched a little like they did when he was upset. I hated when Zion called Julius a Fesi* it meant weakling or punk in Perfeysian. I hated it even more when he called me Zathura that name was just plain gross sounding. I knew what was coming next so did Julius and his jaw tightened while he stood next to his fellow Perfeysian comrades fully clothed now.

"I wanted to get here sooner but the vedils* and Icodilz* put up quite a fight." He boosted.

Liar! he's been training all his life to fight those creatures what made him think I didn't know that he was just trying to show the Perfeysians that he would make a better Alpha than I. That was so Zion, no actually that is Zion, an evil conniving selfish dick head. I wanted to just kick him in the balls but Zion wasn't worth it I only smiled pretending that I was weak. He purred and Eskimo kissed me, rubbing his face against me and passionately kissing my neck. Ewe! I hated the Nelas way of showing affection to your betrothed. I did my deed in return but my eyes wondered towards Julius's face, he refused to look me in the eyes unfortunately. Guilt began to swell up in my stomach. I wanted to wish Julius a happy life with another perfeysian girl but I stopped myself. I wouldn't mean it, I was a selfish bitch ass Nelas I didn't want him to have any other woman but me and only me.

"Come now my love you must rest," Zion said pulling me away from the Perfeysians.

I nodded absently not trusting my voice. I knew that it would crack and Alphas don't cry in front of their followers. It was something I let Julius see way to often, tears over him no less. Maybe I need to start filling my Alpha shoes better from now on.

(Author's notes= There are several types of mythical being in my story with several types of languages (will always be translated) but the main languages (all created by me) spoke will be perfeysian and Nelsaxon but mostly Perfeysian.

Perfeysian translations

vedils*(ve-dels)- plural of the word (vedil) meaning demon or devil in perfeysian. (in human language= devil)

Icodilz*(Ice-oh-dill-z)- plural of the word (Icodil) meaning frozen unlive being that feeds on animal blood and human blood, vampire, in perfeysian.

Fesi*(Fe-es-see)-weakling or punk in Perfeysian.

perfey*(Purr- fa-ah)-cursed carnivore shape shifting fairies(can not fly).

Nelas*(Ne-la-s)-Nelas in human= angels backwards, different type of Icodil _(mixture of 1/3 human and 1/5 animal and 5/12 Perfeysian, can fly_, drinks Perfeysian blood.