What is the little bird in chains?

The little bird in chains is a bird that is tied down by chains on its wing, but still tries to fly.

Each day, the chains pull harder and harder on the little bird.

But the bird fights back with all her might.

The little bird wants to fly so badly, but the chains hold her down.

Some days, the little bird just wants to give up and fall to the ground forever.

But the little bird knows she can't.

She has so much potential!

She can't let it go to waste!

She wants the world to see her magnificent wings.

She wants the world to know who she is.

She just has to break away for those chains.

Those retched, ugly, horrible chains.

They weight her down with all her burdens, all her sadness, all her loneliness.

The little bird knows not to give in, but some days it's so hard.

Sometimes the little bird tries to pretend the chains aren't really there.

She tries to pretend that they are just part a dream.

But it doesn't work.

She knows they will always be there if she pretends that they aren't real.

The little bird fights for her freedom each day.

She will never give up.

The little bird wants to break free from her bondage.

She's come so far!

She doesn't want to give up now!

She will always get fighting the chains' pull, no matter how long it takes!

You may be asking yourself who the little bird in chains is.

Well, she's here.

She's been here for fourteen years.

That's right.

I'm the little bird in chains.