A/N: So I wrote this a long, long, long time ago, even before I was in middle school, even! Well maybe sixth grade or so… anyways it is really old but I was cleaning out my documents, and I happened upon this little story. I was surprised to see (if you will excuse me for sounding arrogant) that this story actually looked good, for being written by a sixth grader (possibly less.) So I decided to post it and see what you think. Please please please leave a review, I don't care if you think it's the most terrible thing you have ever seen; I just want to know if I should scrap it or maybe continue it?

Well without further ado, I present to you:

Lands of Life and Death

Across the vast, blue plain that is the sea, there is a land in which dreams come true. There are tall mountains, and low valleys. The grass is always green, and the people live in peace and harmony with nature. The people who live in this land are all family. They have partners who would give their lives for each other. There exists no diseases, no murder, no bad exists in this land. But for everything good, there is bad. Good and Evil, Life and Death, for everything there is an opposite.

Under this good land, there exists a land that is completely the opposite of the land above it. There exists no grass, no beautiful scenes of good. The mountains are craggy and dangerous, and the valleys are so hot that every thing is dead within them. The land is at war with itself, and the few nature spirits left are twisted and diseased. The people of this land are murderous and trust no one but themselves. They are always killing and stealing from each other. This land is appropriately called The Dead Land.

Within the Dead Land, there lived a young girl. She was not like others. She knew what love was. She did not steal and murder. She learned of the Land above the Dead land, and she yearned to live in that land. Yet, there was no way up to the Land of Harmony. At least, that was what she was told. This girl's name was Point. Point did not like her name. Her parents named her thinking that she was like them, and that she should have a name like them. Of course, they weren't expecting that she would have a conscience. Or that they would kill each other in front of her when she was 6. Since then, Point had taken care of herself.

One day, Point was looking for a spring to fill her water skin, when she heard a long moan filled with pain. She looked around for the source of the moan. When she didn't see anything, she shrugged and turned back to looking for water. The moan came again, and this time she was able to pinpoint where it was coming from. She hurried to the west, where the sound was coming from. She saw a huge tree just in front of her. The sound was coming behind the tree. She circled around the tree, wary in case it was a trap. There, hanging from the tree, with a rope tied around it's ankle, was a nature spirit. Green in skin, in a humanoid shape, the nature spirit was interesting to look at. It had a body like a young boy, and it's head was human too, though it had fangs and the skin was green.

Point asked it "How did you get caught? I thought Nature Spirits were hard to catch." It glared at her for a minute, then sighed. In a weary, sad tone, it replied,

"Can't you tell that I am young? My parents died and didn't teach me how to avoid getting caught."

" Oh, I am sorry, my parents are dead too. Want me to see if I can get you down?"

" What? Weren't you the person that caught me?" It asked. Point laughed.

" There is no way I could have made this piece of junk! You are actually lucky that you got caught in this trap, mine would have killed you instantly."

"Oh, well what is the point of letting me free then?"

"Because I am not like other people. I don't like killing things at all. I kill animals to eat and that is it. Not for trophies or for the fun of killing. I am different. Now, let me get you down." Point fumbled with the rope for a minute, and then the spirit fell to the ground. It looked at her gratefully.

"Thanks so much. By the way, I didn't get your name?"

"My name is Point. What's yours?"

"Mine is G'reth." Then G'reth ran into the trees and disappeared. Point turned and continued through the forest. Unfortunately, she failed to notice the man hiding in the bushes to her right. Point continued going through the forest, and soon came to a spring. As she filled up her water skin, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Someone was watching her! She spun around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the person watching her. But nothing was there. She was wary now, and as she continued through the forest, she became aware of every crack of every stick, and was always turning around when she heard the rustling of leaves. When nothing appeared, she shrugged it off, and continued just a little less wary than before.

That night, Point made a fire and lay down to sleep. She had just barely closed her eyes, when a loud rustling of leaves came from the side of her camp, like someone was running away. Point jumped up. She had known that someone was watching her! She raced over towards the sound, and had just gotten past the trees, when-WHOOSH! Her legs went flying out from beneath her, and she found herself hanging upside-down from a tree. A dark shape detached itself from a neighborly tree, and covered her face with a bag, and tightened it around her neck. When she struggled, the figure hit her, hard, on the head. Weak from the blow, she had no choice but to allow herself to be tied up and dragged through the forest.

Point was unaware of how much time was passing by, as her face was covered, but it seemed like several hours passed before they finally stopped. Whoever had kidnapped her tied a rope around her ankles and wrists, then hung her from a tree so that she wouldn't escape, and didn't make another sound. Point didn't think she would be able to sleep, but eventually, her eyelids fell, and she slept.

Point awoke with a start. "Owww!" she moaned. Her ankles and wrists were on fire from holding up her weight all night.

"Shut up!" said a rough voice, and she received another whack on the head. Whoever it was untied her, and they continued their march through the forest. After a long while, Point started hearing the sound of people. The sound got louder and louder until it was right by her. The figure continued walking, dragging her through the crowd. The person dragging her suddenly stopped.

"What you got there, eh Mike?" A smooth, menacing voice came from her left.

"This girl let something free from one of the boss's traps. I'm bringing her in." came the rough voice of her captor.

"The boss ain't in a good mood. You should come back tomorrow, Mike."

"I can't come back tomorrow. Besides, this was a nature spirit that she set free." Mike whispered the words "nature spirit."

"WHAT? Why didn't you say so before? Come in, Come in." It sounded like one of those gang hideouts, and they were at the gate. Mike dragged her across what felt like running water. Oh no! thought Point, this must be the hideout of the Draconians! No other gang has force fields around their hideouts! They're the most powerful, most vicious, most dangerous. And nothing is known about their leader, absolutely nothing! They say that the other members don't even know their leader! Mike bent down and untied her legs.

"Don't you dare even think about trying to run! There are guards at every corner. You have absolutely no chance of escaping." He threatened. Point trembled, and started to walk, following Mike's footsteps. They walked for a while, and then Mike pulled her to a stop. Her head still covered, Point had no idea where they were, or what was going on. Mike seemed to be punching numbers into a machine.

Something beeped, and Mike shoved her into a room. Her forced her to sit in a metal chair, and strapped her arms and legs to the chair. He uncovered her head, and she finally got a good look at her captor. Young, but scarred, Mike looked about 26, and walked upright. He had tattoos across his body, and many scars from what looked like knives. He was bald, and his eyes were black. He wore a gray tank-top, and had on ripped jeans. "Wait here." he said, and left the room.

Strapped to the chair like she was, Point had no choice but to wait. After a while, A cloaked figure entered the room. The figure locked the door after it, and turned to her. Point looked apprehensively at the figure. The figure took off its cloak, and what was under the cloak surprised her to no end. The figure was a young woman. She was beautiful, but there was an air of menace that surrounded her.

Then she smiled. In a light, sweet voice she said, "There's no need to look so worried. I won't bite." She laughed, and there was an edge to her laugh. She continued, "Why did you untie that spirit?" Point replied, "Because it was a spirit. It is wrong to capture and kill spirits." The woman seemed surprised.

"Hmmm, someone with a conscience. What is your name, girl?"

"Point" The woman laughed.

"Come on, why would anybody call their child that? Tell the truth!" The last command was forceful, as if she was used to being told the truth.

"I am telling the truth!" Point exclaimed. The woman's face hardened.

"This is the last time I am asking nicely. What is your name?" Point stubbornly told her,

"I am telling the truth! Why won't you listen?" The woman grew angry.

"Fine, we'll do this the hard way then." The woman crossed over to the chair, and pushed a button on the side of it.

Suddenly, Point was filled with pain. The chair was shocking her! She had to think of a name. Then, a perfect one popped into her head. "Alright! My name is Stär!" The shocks stopped.

"There, that wasn't so hard, was it?" The woman turned around. "Now I'm going to make an offer you can't refuse. You've been braver than most, and you have a backbone. How would you like to become a Draconian? I'll only make this offer once." Point almost laughed, the idea was so ridiculous.

"You really think that I'll join you? You've got another thing coming. I'll never join you, ever!" Point did laugh then, a light, unbelieving laugh.

The woman grew angry. " I gave you a chance, and you just turned down the only chance you had at remaining alive. I'm finished with you. But your not leaving, ever." Point paled.

"What are you talking about?" The woman laughed. Point could tell this was her real laugh. It was high and cold, and it suited her personality. "I am saying that you'll be practice for my drakon spirits." Point paled.

"Drakon spirits?" The woman smiled, a cold smile full of malice.

"It was nice knowing you." She pressed another button, and this time, it felt like her whole body was being stabbed by needles. This was Point's last conscious thought, and she sank into darkness.

When Point came to, she was lying in the middle of a practice field, surrounded by huge, winged drakons. Drakons are huge gargoyles, with huge, ugly faces and bodies, and wings generally folded on their backs. The big difference between gargoyles and drakons is that drakons can breath fire, and, of course, gargoyles aren't real.

"My lord, the girl is waking up," said a drakon in a low voice. Point sat up and looked around her. Not very far from where she had been lying down, a man with many scars covering his entire body was staring down at her.

"This was all they had to offer for training drakons? This place is going to the dogs!" Disgust colored the man's voice. "You. Don't just sit there staring like a lame duck! Get up and get ready to defend yourself!" The man barked at her. So they were giving her a chance at defending herself. Like it will make any difference against drakons, Point thought to herself.

Point got up, and the man threw her a spear. A spear? They think that will defend anyone against drakons? Then it became clear. They wanted her gone, so they weren't giving her a chance at all. Well, at least I'll die on my feet, fighting for my life. Point said to herself. Point slid into a defensive position. The man smiled cruelly, and barked an order in a strange, guttural language. The drakons withdrew, and Point frowned. This doesn't make any sense. She thought, then their intentions grew clear. Smaller drakons were prowling toward her, getting ready to pounce. Of course! Their training their younglings! Point backed up, and one of the drakons leapt at her. Without thinking, with skill borne of living wild, Point dodged, and brought the spear up in an arc, slicing the drakon's neck. To her surprise, the spear head went right through the drakon's skin, tearing open a jagged wound. Black blood poured from the wound. Coughing up more blood, snarling and cursing the drakon backed away, running out of the compound.

The trainer burst out laughing. "Look at that! The little girl has some spirit! This'll be better than I thought!" He smiled a cruel smile again, then narrowed his eyes and barked out more orders. Another drakon youngling came forward. It was more wary than the previous drakon, having seen what Point could do. It prowled around her, waiting, waiting, and waiting, then suddenly it slashed its claws, and Point jumped backward, into the claws of another drakon. The drakon behind her slashed its claws down her back, setting pain flashing through her body. Point turned around, slicing the spear across the drakon's face; twisting around, she jabbed the other drakon in the belly. Pulling the spear out, sending a spray of blood across the field, she leapt over the drakon, and landed lightly, panting.

The rest of the drakons rushed at her, perhaps hoping to catch her off guard. Point dodged and twisted, slashed and jabbed, until she was the only one left standing. The drakon younglings had either been too hurt to get up, or had fled the field.

The trainer wasn't laughing or smiling now. He was staring at her in disbelief, and the adult drakons were watching her warily. Then the trainer scowled.

"Swarm her!" He barked at the adult drakons. They looked at him incredulously, then shrugged, and raced at Point. You're going to die, Point! the thought flashed through her head, then she shook her head. Point! What a horrible name! I will not die with a name like that! Out loud, she cried,

"I am STÄR!" She dodged the drakons' first attack, then leapt high, above their heads. One of them, guessing what she was going to do, leap into the air, and engaged her while the other drakons gathered below, in order to catch her when she landed. Stär slashed at the drakon in the air, and jumped on his head. He started to fall, with the combined weight of himself and her. His wings spread out, and Stär nearly cried with joy. This was what she had been waiting for. Slithering down the drakon's back, she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding on for dear life.

He bucked under her, trying to get her off, but his arms were too short to reach behind him. Stär jerked his head in the direction of the fence, propelling him towards it. Not realizing what she was doing, the drakon flew faster, hoping to knock her off with the rate of acceleration.

Yes! He is going towards the force field! Stär thought. She hoped that the drakon would get caught in the force field, and give her a chance to slip through. But the trainer, seeing her intentions, cried,

"She is heading for the force field! Stop her!" The other drakons took to the air, racing after her. Cursing, Stär spun around, and slashed and jabbed, trying to win through, but there were too many drakons. One of them raked his claws towards her, and she leapt back, trying to avoid them. Not only did she fail to avoid them, she had leapt off the back of the drakon she had been riding.

Faster than she had expected, Stär hurtled through the air, and she landed with a resounding CRASH! Dazed, bleeding from the wounds that the drakon's claws had caused, but otherwise unhurt, Stär got up. She was backed into the force field, with the drakons closing in. She brought up her spear, though she was shaking so much that she doubted that she could fend off an attack for long. The drakons crowded around her, getting ready to strike the fatal blow. In one stroke, one of the drakons sent her spear flying towards the other side of the complex. Stär closed her eyes and prepared herself for death.

Suddenly, she heard a wild cry from behind her. Stär opened her eyes and spun around. Swinging through the trees, making the most awful sound, was G'reth, the nature spirit she had set free. He landed right in front of her, but was separated be the force field. He placed his hand against it, and, grimacing from the pain of touching it, spoke a few words in a language Stär didn't recognize. The force field melted away, and the drakons snarled, realizing what was happening.

"Come on, get on my back!" G'reth cried. Stär stared at him incredulously.

"Get on your back? You'll never hold both of us!" She told him. G'reth rolled his eyes.

"Just trust me! Unless you want to stick around for them." He pointed behind her, where the drakons were getting over their shock and starting to pursue them. Stär shook her head, but did as she was told and got on G'reth's back.

The minute she got on his back, he started to change beneath her. Stär watched in astonishment as his body grew and his arms shrunk, and wings grew and spread out. Soon she sat astride a huge green-scaled dragon. G'reth can turn into a dragon! But … I thought that dragons only existed in the Land of Life, since dragons are good and can never be evil! It was apparent that she knew next to nothing about this nature spirit that she had saved.