It runs red like a river

Mingles with her tears

Her mind plays back the torture

Dwells in her fears

The fire has ignited

The pain is severe

She cries out in pain

Away from concerned ears

She feels each word

A poisoned dagger in the heart

All her courage is crumbling

Shes back at the start

Pain wells up

At the dotted line

The shivers run up

Up her poor arched spine

Deformed by the pain

Scarred by the knife

Wishing so bad

She wants to take her own life

Bloods thicker than water

Or that's what they say

But the mingle so well

When she washes in away

No longer feeling the relief

All she feels in the sting

Its like a bird in a cage

Or a bird without a wing

Listless and confused

Tears leaking from her eyes

She looks in the mirror

And sees the monster she despise