My pants is too tight,

Sticking to me.

Heat envelopes me, feeling like hot breath


My blanket goes flying.

Even as I move, it turns up flames

Deep within.

My palms grow sweaty, filling me with the need to

Drag them across the blankets.

It slowly enters throughout my body...

That warmth weighing down on my chest.

Spreading down my body,

Into the soles of my feet.

Almost as heavy as a wanton


All I can think of is this heat.

My breath feels laboured,

As my mind lags to the beat.

This bed is a sauna,

Every nook, every cranny.

Sweat drips, and flesh

Allows it.

I reach for that corner, that exodus

Of ice. So cool, dry.

It welcomes me in,

Begging me.


That ice engulfs into flame,

Such passion.

It starts again.