Have you ever had that feeling, when you're doing something or you're just thinking about something...? And you have this sudden hit of déjà vu.

You've done this before.

And yet you can't remember when.

I hate those moments. Because it reminds me so much of how I have little memory of anything.

Sometimes I think that maybe somewhere in my brain all my memories are stored somewhere but are locked up, key and everything.

Like a faucet clogged with a clump of hair, and only a little stream of water is let out.

That's how my memory works sometimes.
You may tell me something one minute and say I have to remember it, but the next minute I remember something form 5 years ago and completely forget what you told me, mere minutes ago.

It's so confusing. Complicating. Frustrating.

Why can't my memory be crystal clear?

Not like a twisted puzzle.

It's like trying to see the future with a foggy mirror…