A Political Idea for the Debates

I propose a law that would actively enforce and allow every political party that is represented by two thirds of the states, a voice in three televises debates.

This legislation would be paid for in part by numerous parties:

A. 25% by the host cities

B. 25%-50% of the war chests of the candidates who are members of the two largest political parties… 10-15% of the war chests of all other candidates.

C. 15% of the television station that has won the right to moderate the said debates.

D. 5%-10% from a Committee elected by the people ever year following each presidential election, whose funds will be raised from the elements of national interests and securities.

Each primary season will be divided between the months of February through May.

On July all parties shall hold their Convention and choose their candidate in a three to four day event.

Following upon nomination by their party, each candidate shall be required to debate his or her challenges on a national televised debate in the month of August, September, and October.

The Electoral Committee, elected by the people, shall hold a lottery system of all cities vying for the debates to be held, and for each television network vying to have win the right to moderate the debates, three months following the last presidential election. The Electoral Committee shall release a report of status to the people at the end of every other month. The thirteen member committee shall be elected from individuals who are independent of said political parties, that being said, not registered with any national political party at all.

Those candidates who agree NOT to air ads that the committee deems offensive or in slewing of mud, or debasing his or her opponent while no where explaining their intentions of fixing the area of the government in the ad which they are speaking, are allowed to spend upon the debates the lowest percentile. Any candidate who is found guilty of negating this agreement, is fined half of their campaign war chest.

Those candidates who do not agree to the above, MUST contribute the highest percent of their war chests to the program.

What each candidate agrees on or disagrees upon this matter, shall be reported to the American public by the committee in their report upon their website and in their written report, which the people may attain for free upon request.

The Committee shall, in the report, address their findings, their workings, and where their financial interests have been spent in the working of this system.

Any candidate for the office of the Electoral Committee shall not accept funds given to them by special interests. No member of the Electoral Committee shall have more than two, four year terms.