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Chapter 1

It was the end of the school year and summer has just started. Everyone's happy the school year is finally ending. I wasn't. I had to spend one month of my summer in detention; it was either that or summer school. I wasn't going to waste the whole summer learning how to multiply integers again. I have detention during one month of the summer because of a food fight that started on Friday.

Katie knows that she's the one who started the food fight; instead she wants to be a spoiled brat, blaming me and my friends. So here's what happened. Right after I got my lunch I went over to my table to sit with my friends. Charlene then, decided she wanted to stick her foot out and trip me. I slipped and my pizza flew off my plate as I fell to the ground. It accidentally fell on Katie's head…at that moment I truly regretted existing. I was so horrified I wished the ground could swallow me whole. I quickly tried to get the pizza out of Katie's hair, but the cheese was sticking to her head. Everyone started laughing.

"Whoops, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to…. I didn't… oh man!"

"You loser, you are so going to pay for that!" She yelled at me.

"Hey, wait a minute now! It's not like I threw it in your hair! It's not my fault Charlene decided to trip me and it just flew off my plate!" I shouted frantically.

"You are so dead!" she said as she tried to throw a handful of spaghetti in my face. I ducked and it hit Richard in the back of his head. He quickly turned his head looking around trying to figure who threw food at his head. He then stood up, looking angry. Everyone went silent.

"Who's the dork that threw this at my head?! Come on, who did it?!" he shouted so loud his voice echoed off the walls. He took a handful of mashed potatoes and threw it at Winston all the way on the other side of the cafeteria. Winston threw it back at Richard, unsuccessfully hitting another student in the face. And that's when a food fight broke out in the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was split up into two parts, the geek side…and everyone else on the other side; you know the famous students. If anyone ever sat on the other side of the cafeteria you would get 'the flush.' The flush is when Martin (who is an eighth grader) picks you up and dunks you in a toilet that's been used and not flushed. Nobody wanted to walk around the school smelling like a toilet. It's very embarrassing and utterly disgusting; especially if you don't have extra clean clothes with you.

Although, nobody ever had to get the flush, they stayed on their own side in the cafeteria. How did I get blamed for the food fight? The whole time I was hiding under the table with my friends. Though, it does seem weird that Charlene wanted to trip me just so I could drop food on Katie. They were really good at getting other students in trouble. Except this time I'm paying the price for the petty games.

Let me start off on Thursday, two days before it happened, because I nearly ended up pushing her across the desk she was sitting on top of. It starts off in English at the end of class.

"Hey Bobby, are you staying after to help me with our science project?" I said.

"Nope, I have to go home and babysit my little brother Isaac. Sorry though." He said.

"I'll stay after with you, after all I am a part of the group." Magenta said. Magenta, Bobby and I were doing a project of the solar system. It's worth 50 % of our grade so we had to work really hard to get a good grade.

Katie as usual at the same exact time comes over and stirs up trouble. "Well, look who it is…. It's the losers of school. No wonder you are geeks. You fashion sense is terrible. And you do not match your clothes correctly. You should just wear a potato sack, that suits you well." She sneered with a smirk.

"What's your deal? I don't care what you or other people think. What I wear is my choice and no insult will stop me from wearing what I want to wear!" I said angrily. I so wanted to push her.

"Whatever loser!" She said, flipping her hair over her shoulder and strutting away. Katie turned back to me putting her finger and her thumb in the shape of an "L" while rolling her eyes.

"Someday someone will get Katie into trouble. She'll either get suspended or expelled, heck either one is fine with me." Maria said, shaking her head. By lunch time things between me and Katie escalated. I bumped into her by mistake, and she pushes me into another student; dropping my tray of food on the floor.

I wasn't embarrassed because she has done many things like this to me before. I can handle the crap she puts me through. I went to the bathroom to clean up. Every single day at lunch I would talk to my friends about getting back at Katie, but it had to be sneaky, unknown to anybody friends with Katie. During lunch Maria had to go home early, luckily Bobby was still around.

"So do you think that we should start a food fight tomorrow?" I said.

"No, it's two weeks before the end of the school year and already your thinking about getting yourself into trouble. If you start a food fight you'll get detention during summer break. My parents were thinking about taking me to Hawaii for the whole summer. And I get to take two friends with me! I was really hoping to take you and Maria." Bobby said.

"Really, you want to take me and Maria on a trip to Hawaii?" I said, smiling. Bobby nodded his head. I had decided not to go through with the plan, this is Hawaii we're talking about. I know Katie is mean and all but I'm not going to waste any time in school in the summer. No way Jose!

By the end of the day when I was walking home I saw Charlene and Katie walking home together. We all live on the same block…unfortunately. Sometimes when I'm outside babysitting my brother, he tends to embarrass me in front of them. He thinks they're my friends…not exactly! As soon as I turn on my street I nearly walk straight into Katie and Charlene.

"Hello Cindy! I really have to talk to you. I'm going to be out of town for three days, I was wondering if you could do all my homework for me while I'm gone." Charlene said.

"Why exactly should I do your homework? You're always picking on me and being mean. I'm not you're slave. Not for either of you! Now if you excuse me I have to go home, do some chores and my own homework. So…get bent!"

I quickly walked away and turned back. I could see them both whispering to each other, so I began to worry. I didn't know what to expect tomorrow at all. I just had to watch out for anything that was going to happen to me. At the dinner table everyone was quiet. My parents were upset because my brother got suspended for being in a fight with another student for calling him stupid.

Charlene and Katie hadn't bothered me for last week and three days, the tension and anxiety was rising in me. Every time I got near them I expected them to strike…but nothing happened. So I went to bed that night assuming they had left me alone, little did I know that wasn't the case.

The next morning I surprisingly went to school happy, it was the two days of school and there were no class assignments, no projects…no nothing. It was nothing but partying all day until school officially ended.