People would say that girl over there with the big breasts and the dyed hair is fake. They say this as they sip their vitamin drinks and swipe down another protein pill. She's artificial that one, look at the way her face doesn't wrinkle. Her smile isn't true, you can see it in the lines. That stomach must've been tucked. See that skin. That nose, those eyes, those ears.

Excuse me for a moment, it's time for my daily pills they say. Fish oil. Antioxidants. Nutrients. Minerals. Protein. Fibre. Vitamins A-Z.

Sorry I just had to have those, I feel so sluggish when I don't they apologise.

They all agree. My body just won't be fast. My skin doesn't shine. I eat too much otherwise. I have no energy. No bounce. My hair has no lustre. I can't think straight. I feel dead.

They say don't be artificial. Don't get your breasts pumped or your wrinkles vanished. They say this as they pump their bodies with pills, get their sloth vanished. They feel weak without them, they are weak. So many little capsules swallowed to get through one day. Twice a day for the rest of your life don't forget. They won't forget.

How could you ever do that to your body, it lasts forever a size like that. They declare this as they slip just one more tablet down their throat. Oh I forgot my daily wellbeing, I could not go without that. Of course you couldn't darling.

We're all artificial in some way.