Every thing in life has a cause. Every unfortunate event has a beginning.

What happened to me was just something totally stupid; a huge conflict caused by a single mistake. It all started with a man...

One day, the president of the electric company made a single mistake with the master computer; because of that mere mistake, there was a big black-out in New York City. There was no light source for about 2 days. In those days, a man was 30 minutes late to work because his alarm clock didn't rang. He was a taxi conducter; and that morning, he rushed to his taxi and drove at full speed to catch up with his matutine work.

While all this happened, I was finishing my ice-skating class. I finished 10 minutes late because the shave of my skate broke. Then, it took me 6 minutes to get changed back to my regular clothes. I was again delayed because I was waiting for my best friend, Susie. Her shoe untied midway down the stairs. It took her 2 minutes to tie it. Then, I was 15 minutes chatting to Michael, my personal ice-skating couch, about what tecniques I was going to use for the final league. Finally, it took me another 15 minutes to get out of the ice-skating gym. 2 minutes more to say good-bye to Susie when we separated by the exit. And then, while I crossed the street, it took just 10 seconds to get distracted by a red balloon that was flying by. And that mere moment, the taxi conducter that was driving like crazy because he was late, passed by and ended with my life...

What was it? Destiny?

If the president of the electric company hadn't made the mistake, the black-out wouldn't had happened. So, the taxi conducter would had woken up on time by his alarm clock and he wouldn't been rushing. If my ice-skate hadn't broke, maybe I would had finished on time. If I didn't had to wait for Susie to tie her shoe, maybe Michael hadn't found me. If Michael hadn't found me and talked to me, maybe I had been on time to get out of the gym. If I hadn't took so long on saying good-bye to Susie, maybe I would had been on time to cross the street. If I hadn't been distracted by that red balloon, I would had crossed the street safely and the taxi conducter would had passed by without harming anyone because he wasn't rushing.

Unfortunately, the truth is... it did happened. That stupid man that made the mistake with the master computer in the electric company made us all be in the wrong moment at the wrong place. I was ran over by that taxi, and though I didn't die, I met my destiny that moment I entered the hospital. My career as an ice-skater was over. I was able to walk correctly, but any harsh move made my left leg paralize. And because that man that made the mistake; and because my career was over, I had to go back to the university and study for a good job career. And because I had to go back, I met him. Him. Ryan Knight. A real perfect gentleman, who gave me back what I most loved. However, he couldn't love me because of her. His wife, Laura, and his baby son, Richard. The problem is... I love him. We both love him. Laura and me, but that's not the only thing we have in common... we are identical in appearence. And though we look exactly the same... I'm not her. I will never be her... Even if he loves her, and never me.