You're leaving me.
I feel it.
You are going to die.
I can tell.

I can tell by the way you talk,
so emotionless and cold,
so empty of the life
you once had.

You seem so empty.
And it kills me
to know
you're hurting.

I can make you better.
I'm strong, remember?
I'm still here.
I'm strong.

Just let me hold you up,
let me take care of you.
I promise I can.
I'm not weak.

You won't fall down.
If you do, I'll be here.
I'll pick you up,
and I'll help you.

Don't give up.
Please, don't give up.
I know you're in there somewhere,
just let me find you.

The real you isn't a mystery,
no, not a mystery,
nor a thing,
you're you.

I can find you,
you're just hiding.
Hiding in the person
you're pretending to be.

I need you.
You need me.
Let me help you
and I'll let you help me.

Please, Jess.
God, Jessie.