You're trashed,
and it's on the worst night.
I needed you, cuz
me and the blade got in a fight.

No, I didn't cut.
But the urge was there.
You drinking when I can't cut
really isn't fair.

You're dead asleep,
and I'm wide awake.
In the morning,
you can't say it was a mistake.

You would get drunk;
you knew good and well.
That isn't a lie
you're gonna tell.

The one night I need you,
you choose to get trashed.
The skin was so close to
being slashed.

You scared us,
the love of your life and me,
all because you're trashed
and can't see.

We thought you were dead,
thought you had died.
So I sat here,
and I silently cried.

But then you show up,
all drunk and happy,
treating us
really crappy.

So yeah. I needed you,
you weren't there.
You're all drunk,
which isn't fair.

Cuz I have to be okay,
have to be good.
But I can keep it a secret...
no one would know... who would?

Sleep tight. (: