Author's Note: This is exactly what happens when I write random poems over the course of a few days and mesh them together, forming some random, angry tirade against someone I don't know.

This is probably the start of a series of poems. I write poems a lot. POETRY. IS. AWESOME.


Too scared to lose

Too stressed out

Angry at the trivial

Forever with a girlish pout

You complain more

About how it's unfair

I look back with

A blank stare

I try to keep on my face

A concerned look that's plastered

Wanting you to walk away

(Or run! Make it faster!)

I don't want

To see you anymore

Your face should be banned

For its non-bloody gore

Oh you are smart

You know this tone

Sharp, sarcastic

Chilled to the bone

Sheer frustration

Near to boil

I'm first to shout

And you recoil

You're the second

One to burst

Too bad it wasn't

Ladies first

[There's a glint

in my right eye

That reaches the place

Where everything will die]

Your priorities

Are not mine

(If they were, nothing will

Ever be fine)

Don't say stereotypes don't

Affect you

It's clear to all

That they in fact, do

I am insane

Too much for you to bear

And I'm also very glad

That you took it there

Tiny signs of sheer defiance

And of


Evil laughter ringing

Can still hear the cackles

Chained in my own prison

Struggling against shackles

Frantically blowing away

Bubbles of rose-red blood

When they pop they form

One massive flood

Can't wait until you're trapped

The way I am today

I swear I will

make you pay

I don't know who 'you'

Refers to any longer

But somehow, that makes

My hatred grow stronger