When a Secret Gets Out; and the Aftermath

Remember the secret you told to

The one you thought you could trust?

And when the secret leaked

Did you crumble to dust?

You didn't know he was clever

Smart, cunning, able to lie

It was too difficult to bottle it up

All the emotions wouldn't die

[Maybe you were crazy

Or perhaps on sugar high]

You could have trusted me

But thank goodness you did not

I suppose that all the trauma

Made you think through things a lot

And though you've never

Called me a friend

I will stick around

But probably not 'til the end

[Did you ever think I was good?

Oh, you were so, so wrong

When you scratch the surface

You'd see hatred burning strong]

I don't care what Disney tells you

In their animated art

If you want to keep it in

Stop listening to your heart

A/N: Was that cruel? It was written in anger.

And to the person who inspired this...Happy Birthday.