Standing completely still, nothing may ever happen. The worlds rush by you the instant you dare take a single step, so you chose to withdraw. Afraid of losing everyone and everything, you remain in one place, for the rest of your time. Do you ever dare walk along with everyone else again? If you stand still, everyone will leave you behind; even if it's them you're standing still for. Cry out, cry out all you want. When there's no one left, you cries will fade away into the deep woods, and no one will remember you. So, if walking amongst everyone is too much, what do you do? You fly, high above everyone else. Walking is okay, when living in a fantasy. Allow no entry, fly all by yourself. You're too special, no one can understand you. You're always ''the one that didn't walk.'' Who cares? You are you, right? The ground is a limit only passable by you, so it's okay to never land again. Flying high up into the sky, falling deep into the abyss of fantasy; this is a world only you know of. Stand tall, no one can understand your pain, no one can endure these emotions. And yet, you did. Right?