Warriors of Endless Time


I'd seen the visions for as long as I could remember.

My parents told me that it was genetic; a long time ago, my family had been comprised of powerful priests and priestesses, all of whom had had the ability to foresee future events, long before they happened.

Regardless of whether my power is genetic, a gift from God, or a skill of my own making, the visions always come true, no matter what I do.

Usually they will come true without any interference on my part. If I try to stop it from occurring, it will happen anyway. If I try to aid it, it will happen at the time I foresaw it would be.

The visions lately are different.

These visions involve me directly, which didn't usually happen in the past. They are visions of my future, of things that I one day must do. I remember the visions – or, rather, vision, since lately it has been the same one, appearing over and over again before my eyes – very clearly.

I am alone; I am afraid. Fear is not something I often feel. I am in a dark place, a cold place.

Then they come.

Three figures, standing in a pillar of flame. The flame isn't a good sign; the flame is evil, dark and terrifying. The three figures are here to destroy me.

Before I can see anything else, I always awaken, breathing heavily as if I've been running for hours and sweating a waterfall. I often cannot fall back asleep once I've had this vision. It frightens me too much.

I do not know who the three are, or who they represent; all I know is that they will come one day, and they will bring with them death and destruction.

Am I the only one that knows what is to come? Perhaps it is not my place to ask such questions. Regardless, I feel that it is my task to do all I can to prevent, or at least subdue the effects of, the events that are to come. I have the means to do so; the only thing left to do is to act.

I only pray that it works.