A wife's responds

Desire can kill you, consume you like a disease but you chose

No matter how beautiful, everything must die.

Tick tock, tick tock time goes on, life ends, blows up like a fuse

Tortured son, will only have the memory of the tears I cry.

You brought this into your own life

Judge, jury and executioner, set the death sentence

Wasting away from the inside, heart bleeding from a knife

Holy order step into the booth it's time for your penitence

Cut out your heart; speak your misgivings, you made your bed now lay in it

Your sins written out, ready to be read, the inferno awaits

You beg for forgiveness but nothing's going through, I can't believe I married such useless shit.

I am finally free, no going back you are already at the gates

No pity, no remorse as I sign these papers

You deserve what you get as you inhale those poisonous vapors