Kira hissed in pain as she sat up, massaging her temples. She blinked, groaning.

What the hell is going on?

Putting aside where she was for the minute, she took in a sharp breath as she peeled her dark grey singlet off of her side. The wound was deep and weeping, sticking to the injury. Even prodding it gently made her gasp in pain and she quickly put her shirt back down, zipping up her black hoodie to hide it. Why hadn't he simply killed her instead of stranding her in the godforsaken world? Regur was such a jerk. When she got back to her world she was going to kick his ass.

She groaned as she tried to stand, eyes skyward as pain struck her system like lightening. She was in so much trouble.

Hissing, the torturous ache continued, but she decided it was time to take stock of her surroundings.

She and Regur, a rather insane stalker, had got into a fight after he had tried to kidnap her. The scuffle was… rather impressive to say the least. She had earned a broken leg and the stab wound from it after all.

Kira had been so set on not going with him; she even had Regur believing it was impossible. So his solution was to send her somewhere where no-one else would have her.

Then he'd strapped a black market teleport to her arm and shipped her off to god knows where.

"Shit," she muttered, eyes flicking around the clearing of the dark forest.

The boxy teleport weighed heavily on her wrist and she peered at it, pressing a few buttons. "Shit," she repeated. It must have only been a one trip teleport because it seems it had short-circuited. "Regur," she hissed. He was going to freaking die.

She wobbled, dizziness waving through her and she swiftly unsheathed the sword strapped to her back, stabbing it into the ground to support herself as a cry escaped her lips.

Breathing heavily, she struggled to her feet. She would need help, and soon.

Kira, came a concerned whisper.

She chuckled, patting her double edged sword. "I'm fine Katrina. Just a little sore."

Katrina, her sword, gave a small whine in reply and answered Kira telepathically; Don't joke about your condition. You're clearly hurt, and badly. We need to get a move on. If we find someone quickly, we will be able to see to your injuries.

Kira's head fell back as she yanked Katrina out from the soft soil, biting back any noise of complaint at the sudden movement. It was then she felt a flicker of spiritual energy and she tensed herself; sword blocking the one that had attempted to remove her head.

The swords stayed still for a moment as Kira glared at the ivory haired man in front of her.

He grinned, showing all of his pearly white teeth.

Simultaneously they separated, skipping back a little to gauge the situation.

"Raul," Kira greeted him curtly, staring at the lithe man warily.

Now at least she knew where she was and unfortunately, it wasn't good news.

She was on Curtina, the planet of asurans. She was on a completely different planet.

Asuran's were wereanimals. They held human appearances, sometimes reverting to their animal when angered or attacked.

Kira was sometimes called a 'mixed breed'-if you wanted to die that is. Being called a 'mixed breed' was a huge insult to most people... well really only to Kira as she was one of the only known part breed. Her mother had been an asuran and her father had been a gylian.

Only a year ago, the asuran's had attempted to invade her planet and she, along with the rest of the army of her planet, all raced to defend it. They had only just managed to beat them back to their world. They had only halted their onslaught when Kira had argued with them and they had listened to her merely because of her ridiculous strength and the fact they owed her.

Raul looked her up and down, readying himself, icy blue eyes sparkling dangerously. "Why are you here gylian?" he drawled, swinging his katana like blade and straightening.

She bared her teeth, hunching a little as she circled him. "I didn't come here by choice asuran, I was forced here."

Raul laughed. "All the better for me then. I've been waiting till you'd come around. I never was able to get you back for the defeat in your world."

Kira blew her raven hair out of her face, her violet eyes defiant. "I didn't come here to fight Raul."

Raul gave a low growl of laughter in reply. "I did."

She continued to move as Raul began to approach, watching every movement as he continued to talk.

"The minute I sensed your presence I rushed to get to you first. I wasn't about to let someone else take you first."

Kira blinked in surprise as Raul launched himself at her, his blade swiping across her left arm.

When he raised his sword to lay a blow across her chest, she jumped back, trying to put the pain in her leg aside for the minute.

Raul paused in his attack, appraising her. "You seem to be slow gylian. Why is that?"

Kira growled. "Watch your tone Raul, I'm not dead yet."

She needed to focus but the pain was worsening and unfortunately, having a broken leg impaired her speed.

Kira, you just need to get away from him, Katrina whispered.

Easy for you to say, she replied, glaring at Raul as she debated her next move.

Gathering her energy, Kira appeared to disappear for a moment before appearing at his side, her sword at his throat. In fact, she had simply used her speed.

I can only use this once or twice, she mentally noted as Raul blocked, pushing her away as he jumped back.

"I was busy having a small brawl with someone, I'm just a little worn out is all," she told him.

"Is that why you're here?" he asked with a grin as they clashed once again.

She scowled, irritated by the thought of Regur. "It's none of your business."

Raul laughed at that. "I'm just curious, is that a crime?" they separated as he said this, dancing away from each other for a momentary reprieve.

Kira's breathing was continuing to worsen and she knew it wouldn't be long till he got the best of her.

Run! Katrina urged her desperately.

I'm not a coward, she snapped back, glancing at Katrina.

Taking the momentary lapse of concentration, Raul skipped forward, blocking the defensive strike while letting his leg whip out and strike her injured leg.

A strangled cry fell from her lips, trying to stumble away from him as she bent slightly in pain.

But as she did, Raul skipped back and slashed her right arm before he reached out and yanked it outwards, bringing his elbow down on her elbow joint, grinning in triumph as her sword tumbled from her grip, allowing him to shove her up roughly against a large boulder, one arm pressed against her neck, the other gripping her sword arm.

Kira hissed at him, her free hand clawing at the arm on her throat, legs flailing.

He grinned at her, pressing harder on her throat, enjoying the sound of her laboured breathing and the feel of her straining muscles underneath his arm. "Looks like it's over gylian," he spat.

Kira glared up at him, even before death her eyes screaming curses. "It's not over yet," she gasped out and he felt the tip of a cool blade lightly trace the skin on his bare stomach.

Kira gave him a wobbly smile, still straining for breath. "So? What are you going to do now? I'm pretty quick with a knife."

Raul shoved her roughly, his face almost nose to nose with her own. "I'm sure I'm quicker. How about we tes-"

He stopped abruptly, pausing as he leaning in, his nose at her neck, her sweet smell assaulting his nostrils.

"W-what? What are you doing?" She tightened her grip on the knife, pushing it in a little harder as she felt his hot breath on her neck.

Finally, Raul began to laugh. A deep, rumbling sound, before he pushed away from her, clutching his stomach.

She coughed, breathing deeply as air rushed back to her lungs, glaring at him as her knuckles turned white from her tightening grip. "W-what's so funny Raul?"

"You-" he began, before glancing at her and falling into an even heavier fit of laughter.

Kira glared at him, unsure of what to do.

Finally Raul straightened. "You, you're a…" He sniggered, trying to get the words out of his mouth. "You are a..." He smiled to himself, still unable to contain his amusement. "You're a bitch."

Kira's eyebrows shot up in surprise before she chuckled, glancing at the ground and flashing him a dangerous smile. "What the hell did you just call me?"

He grinned, approaching her slowly. "You're an alpha."

Kira's glared at him, unsure of what exactly he was trying saying. "I'm a what?"

"An alpha," he repeated, grinning. "You see, to keep us going, the asurans I mean, we obviously have to be able to mate. But only certain members of our species can do it. These are known as the alpha. You're an alpha."

"What?" Kira demanded, "Are you trying to say that I'm… I'm a potential mate around here?"

Raul nodded. "Yep. That's exactly what I'm saying. Alpha's are rare and there aren't many of them." He cracked a grin. "So you'll be in high demand around here."

"High demand? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Didn't you know? It's mating season."

"Mating season?" she echoed, blinking.

"Yep. That means, pretty soon, all alphas in heat are going to be coming for you."

This shook Kira out of her daze and she dove for her sword, trying to sprint away. She didn't know where she planned on hiding, but it certainly wasn't going to be out in the open.

Raul followed her, keeping up, his open black button-up shirt flapping behind him. "What's the use in running? They'll catch you eventually."

Kira shot a death stare at him. "Either try to finish off killing me or piss off. I don't want you following me around."

Raul growled at that, throwing himself at her and tackling her to the ground.

To his surprise, Kira let out a half scream of anguish.

Raul narrowed his eyes as he moved his weight off of her, checking her leg. "What the fuck? You actually broke it?" He was quietly impressed that she had managed not to cry out before, considering the damage she had taken from both himself and her previous injuries. It was then he noticed her bleeding side and roughly ranked up her shirt.

His lip curled and he pulled the shirt back down in irritation. "Like you can fight me equally in this condition… How the hell did you get these?"

Kira glared up at him through pain laden eyes. "It's not like I did it on purpose you idiot. I fell from the freaking sky."

Raul glared down at her, then he paused at her scent invaded his nostrils. He glanced away, fighting the urge to jump her. The thick scent of sugary berries was becoming progressively more prominent. Her asuran side would go into heat soon. He shook his head trying to shake the desire that was building.

Kira moaned in pain, her eyes rolling slightly. He hadn't realised he was holding both her eyes down, almost exactly where they had been slashed open.

He considered for a minute. If he were to kill her now it would be best. She was injured and he would be able to simply rip out her throat. On the other hand, he could leave her to die and have someone else either kill her, or claim her as a mate. Or, he could take her, heal her and continue their fight. That is, if she didn't unconsciously seduce him before that. He cursed and before he could stop himself he was gathering her up into his arms-looks like she was coming home with him.