:Epitah Of Dog:

Morning Light Hazel Eyes


Morning Light

Feather Soft

Glistening Hazel Eyes

Lightning flashes, Thunder Roars

With you I RUN & SOAR

High and Bright

So painful a Sight

Brimming with JOY

Never thought would Never Be

Like the deep currents of Ancient Sea

Forever crashing around in Senseless excite

Swiping clean the sense slate of ever night


Alas The Evermore

With a Soul so Bright and Pure

Has ascended up the stars to reach the Final Door

And I wish DEEP in My Heart

The new will always BETTER

Than ever Before

And recent misrights drowned in foggy mist

Clear only of moments Bliss

To thee I miss

I miss thee


And Now It Is said

I can return back to Bed

And pray we will meet again Someday