Chapter 1: Other World's Presence

"Time, a word where people always using for selfish reasons. It could be in school, work, society, anything that revolves the world. The universe, itself. Or the galaxy. They revolve time. We always wish that we can go back time and fix the mistakes we committed. But, little that our mind knows that controlling time, itself, is becoming a god, himself. Although, be careful on what you wish for. For controlling time, they are always consequences."

". . . . , . . ke up." A voice called me, I can't hear it properly since I'm still sleepy.

For crying out loud, Minako. I'm still sleepy. Give- me- five- more- minutes- I said, groaning and slept back.

"Hey! Wake up! You should do your duty as a maid even when you're unordered!" A bossy voice exclaimed angrily. It was also the voice that I heard first.

"Y-yes, mistress. I'm very sorry for taking your time just to wake me up!" Another voice exclaimed, panicked.

Huh? Maid? Mistress? What's going on? I opened my eyes. I was surprised that I'm not in my room, as I said in awe,

Woah! Where the hell am I? Huh?! Where did my collections and consoles go?! Surprisingly, I looked around and I saw stuffs like in aristocrat's. A fancy wardrobe, a gigantic portrait of a castle, and a view of a window where I can see the sunset. I looked down in the window and there I saw a garden near the entrance to the mansion. So, how can't I be surprised when I see something rarely as this?! I could only see this kind of places in Role-Playing games, but that doesn't count. But aside from that, I looked at myself and I was transparent and wondered,

Why am I transparent? I said.

But forget this, no wonder they can't see me. So even that I would ask questions, they'll obviously ignore me. I sighed. But as I tilted my head from my left, I finally saw those two persons who're making a ruckus.

"I can't believe that you're not taking this seriously. Maids should be perfect and elegant. They can't make a single flaw and lazying around. Isn't that clear, Sakuya?" The mistress said, pointing her finger upward and waving it from back to forth.

"Yes, I will remember that well and never do it again, Remilia-ojou-sama!" The maid exclaimed and bows, showing her mistress how she's sorry for what she's doing.

This isn't the modern Japan that I know. I said with a stern look on my face. So as I look at those two people, the maid who is named Sakuya, who is being lectured by her mistress, has dark blue eyes and silver hair. She ties her long hair into two braids on each side of her face with green bows at the ends. She carries many knives and I don't know the reason why. Self-defense, maybe? Yeah, I know, I'm mixing RPG here. And her outfit is a light blue french maid outfit with short sleeves, a white apron and a white maid headband on her head. As to her mistress, Remilia. She has red eyes with short light-blue hair, dressed with bright red trimming and a pink mob cap. If you ask me for their age, they more like 17 and 11, respectively. Yeah, the mistress is just only a kid, as young as my little sister, Minako. And she's now lecturing a 17 year-old maid due to her actions.

This is a dream? It's a dream, right. I'm sure of it. I fixed myself up by slapping both of my cheeks and keeping my cool on what's happening to me. And so I looked Remilia-san closely and noticed that she has wings on her back. Wings? Wings?! Wait a second. This is still Japan, right? But now, there are supernatural beings and unordinary things exist? If it is, I'll gonna love this place, regardless! I never expect that time would come to me. This is a dream come true! As soon as I thought of another sentence, someone barged in and I think she's the entrance guard here at this mansion. Weird, I didn't saw her from the entrance on the time I looked at the window. I thought that she's guarding the gate behind the pillars outside the gate to where I can't see her from my point-in-view. But oh well, I won't think something simple as this. It's such a pain to think things that aren't that important. But anyways. . . .

"Remilia-ojou-sama, we got a problem near the entrance gate! An army of hunters wants to declare a fight." The guard said, bruised from the horde.

"Hnnn? What kind of hunters are they exactly, Meiling?" Remilia-san questioned the guard, who's name turn out the be Meiling. She has dark green eyes and also has long scarlet hair with two braids like Sakuya-san has. She wears a green hat with a golden star in the middle and her outfit is an olive green and white dress with a black ribbon, tie around her neck. And from the look of her outfit, she looks like she's an expert in martial arts. No wonder she's the bodyguard in their mansion.

"There're different kinds of hunters, mistress. And this might hook your interest, mistress. Their leader turns out to be a vampire slayer." Meiling-san said.

"A vampire slayer you say?" Remilia-san said while she grins and her fangs exposed clearly that she's a vampire. So, that's explain on why she has wings, I think. And now I'm less shocked because now I know that she's a vampire. So, she thought for a second and decided,

"Very well, I'll accept their challenge." Remilia-san said with excitement.

"I'm gonna like this. It's been years since someone could destroy my barrier from preventing intruders from entering my mansion." And so Remilia-san and the other two followed her outside the mansion, leaving me behind in the maid's room.

Man, I ain't got any single clue on what's happening here. I said, scratching my right cheek and breaking a sweat.

If I want answers on what's happening now, I got no choice but to follow them. And so I followed them due to curiosity and questions left unanswered.

As I followed Remilia-san and the others outside the mansion, there were an army of people, armed with different weapons by their specialties. I was overwhelmed with excitement and fear at the same time. But not having a second thought, I moved closely into the scene first before the others. And as I got close to the hunters, I saw and yet another two persons. But not the same as those hunters since, they got the same clothing as the persons from the mansion have. Sadly, they are quite fatigue and beaten up. Is this because they made time for Meiling-san to deliver such message as this? And now they are held captive as hostages. Darn. These guys are just-

"Patchouli-sama! Koakuma-san!" Sakuya-san exclaimed. As to what she saw, she draws her knifes and dashes off into one of the henchmen. But as she's goin' to start a bloodlust, Remilia-san blocks her by raising her left arm and said,

"Not yet, Sakuya. You better not acting too harshly for they got my friend and her assistant held captive." Remilia-san said in a calm demeanor.

"Yes, mistress. I'm very sorry for using such rude actions." Sakuya-san said. Well just as I thought, she uses those knifes as her self-defense or for combat. Now my questions are kept piling up.

"Hmmm. Your punishment can wait. But for now-" As Remilia-san is going to finish her sentence, she moved forward to the hunters, stand proud with her hands on her waist and said,

"Who among you dares to intrude my mansion and who among you is your leader?" Remilia-san said as her voice echoed to the crowd. As for the hunters, one of them began to whisper about Remilia-san.

"Is she really that powerful? I mean, look at her, she's doesn't even look that kind of powerful. She's look like a pipsqueak to me that you can throw her like a pebble." A henchman said, with his company laughed sarcastically.

"I heard that, lowlife." Remilia-san said, smirking.

"What did you just call me, twerp?!" said the henchman. But as Remilia-san going to make a word, the leader appears, raising his hand in a gentleman way.

"It is I, mi'lady." The leader said.

"I'm very sorry for my subordinate for calling you those unpleasant comments." As the leader finishes his sentence, he glared to that henchman with an aura that you've repent for what you said. As soon as the henchman and his eyes met, feared by the glare, the henchman avoided the eye contact, as soon as he saw his commander with a fiercing eyes.

Man, his face is so priceless that I wanna rewind it for several times. I said myself, giggling.

"Ohohoho~ Sorry for not introducing myself. What an impolite manner." The leader gagged. Then, the leader kneels in front of Remilia-san and again, in a gentleman way.

"My name is Rudolf Vontaire, captain of the 108th squadron unit, Metropolis. It's a pleasure to meet you, mi'lady." As he introduced himself to Remilia-san, he grabbed her hand and kissed it. As what I see, Vontaire-san has an appearance of a 17 year old boy who has greenish eyes and a blond, spiky hair. But not that spiky, just a bit spiky and he wears a vampire slayer outfit and carries a dual revolver and a whip.

"What a kind gentleman that we have here, Sakuya." Remilia-san said, happily. Then, Sakuya-san said,

"Ummm. Mistress, is it possible that Vontaire-sama is a-" As she was going to say it, she paused for a minute, disturbed. As if there's something that you shouldn't say boldly in public.

"What is it, young lass? You don't need to make a fuss." Vontaire-san said.

"Errr. How should I put it? Ummm." Sakuya-san has lost of words and feeling embarrassed. I thought of what Sakuya-san was about to say just now and while I was thinking, I look into Meiling-san who thought for a second and found out on what Sakuya-san should say from what I see. So she intruded the conversation and said,

"Sakuya-san, is it possible that your saying that Vontaire-san is a pedophile?" After Meiling-san said it boldly, I was shocked into what I heard, and so we're them. I don't know if I could say that it is a fact or not but if you're at my state, I'm sure that you'll see every person putting up their epic faces as possible. Then, three kids from the mansion appeared, but I think there are there quite long before I was here. I just didn't notice them.

"Daiyousei, what's pedophile mean?" One of the kids in the mansion said,

"Wha, Rumia? Where did you heard such word?" Daiyousei said, surprised.

"I heard it from Meiling-onee-san." Rumia said, innocently. Then, the other kid said,

"It's a fetish, Rumia-chan. You don't need to know it."

"Ehh~! Cirno, please tell me what that word means." Rumia-chan said, making a face that she really wants to know the word. If only I have my physical body, I would stop their topic since- You know. Well anyways, those three kids, one is Daiyousei-chan, has short green hair with a yellow ribbon ties on her hair and wears a blue dress with white trim and sleeves. She also has golden wings. The second kid, which is Rumia-chan, has red eyes and short blond hair. She wears a black vest, a skirt and a white blouse. There's also a small red amulet that is tied to the left side of her hair, making it look like a ribbon. As for the third kid, Cirno-chan, has aquatic eyes and hair and has icicle-shaped wings. She also wears a blue ribbon, a light pink blouse and blue jumper dress. While I was done with the introductions for you, Vontaire-san was feeling embarrassed because he was being laughed by his subordinates, outraged and said,

"How dare you tell me such an abusive words!" Vontaire-san exclaimed angrily.

"Well you did wanna know what's on Sakuya's mind, so no hard feelings, human." Remilia-san said, shrugged then sighs. Vontaire-san gritted his teeth then snapped,

"That's it! Men, form into your formations! Were gonna teach them a thing or two." As his henchmen forming their formation, they can't stop but laugh while forming. "Will you all stop laughing and get to your formations this instant?!" As he said that, his men formed and got serious. "Alright, you hear that guys." Remilia-san said, checking her comrades if they're ready. "It's time. Forward! Rescue Patchouli and Koakuma from them." Remilia-san said, spreading her right hand forward like a command. Before the fight starts, I could feel Remilia-san's charisma as if her charisma presses me to the ground. But as the fight was going to start, I suddenly woke up from this dream that I never expect of what my future will become.

Chapter 1, ended. To be continued. . . .