Chapter 7: Collision

"Sanity, a state of the mind. A person who acts or talks, based on the person's reason and logic. One example would be this. Your going on a venue on where the Animé Convention is being held. Although, the problem is that you don't know how to go there. What would you do? The common answer is to ask someone who knows the place or the event, no? But, how about if you in a nick of time that you only have few seconds to think to execute your action? Example would be getting separated with your friends because of the crowd, you're unfamiliar of the place, and the only person's who's closer to you and knows how to get you home are your friends. Thus, your tension's building up as it prolongs. You know what I'm saying? Well, how about getting in a situation like flashfloods, earthquakes, or maybe in a zombie apocalypse? Or even the so-called, "End of the World." Well, you might panic, get insane. Some says that they want it to happen because it's fun and interesting. They could kill, become main characters, and make a story of their own. But, would you have such strong confidence when you're in that situation on an actual reality? Well, life's hard and it sucks, and I'll always follow my motto in life, 'Expect the Unexpected.'"

Time passed by, it's already. The next thing that would happen would be that I'll be going to the Senjougahara Bridge to meet-up with Amakase-sensei. So I packed all the stuffs that I needed and sighed. Just as I was going to stand up, Momo and Hime-chan approached,

"Yu-chan, shall we go somewhere?" Asked Momo.

"I'm sorry, guys. I can't. I have to go somewhere with Amakase-sensei." I said, pleading.

"Amakase-sensei? You mean that infirmary teacher?" Momo said, uninterested.

"Don't 'that' our teacher. Respect her." I said, hits her softly at her head.

"Then, can you catch-up with us?" Asked Hime-chan.

"I'm not sure." I said, pouting.

"I see. Then, just contact us when you're done, ok?" Smiled Hime-chan.

"Sure, sure." I smiled back. Hime-chan grabbed Momo's hand and dragged her out with her, saying,

"Now, time for us to do what we suppose to do without Yuki-chan."

"No! I want to be with Yu-chan! Ignored, Hime-chan said,

"Have fun."

"I am the one who suppose to say that." Hime-chan waved while leaving out the classroom, as the hallway filled with the resisting Koromo. Seconds later, I'm the only person who's inside the room. I checked my pocket watch for the time. . . . Uh oh. I hope sensei's not waiting for me for quite long. I stood up, picked up my bag, and dashed towards the meeting place on where Amakase-sensei and I agreed.

I ran as I could until I'm almost at the bridge. I took a breather as I walked. I looked side-by-side and there I found trees that surround it with its territory. Our school has a forest, you see. Especially it's near at the bridge. It's quite a view if you ask me. As the bridge's surrounded with trees, beneath it has a rives connected to the waterfalls and the ocean. I stepped afoot on the bridge and looked for Amakase-sensei. Then, I noticed a shadowed figure on the other side of the bridge. It wasn't Amakase-sensei.

"Who are you!?" I took my guard up. Although, she doesn't seem to be that dangerous or mysterious but, she has blue short hair with yellow eyes. Not to mention, she also has a eyeliner that's colored red. As for her outfit, she wears a pink flowered-pattern kimono. . . . Let me take that back. She's mysterious.

"Please. Calm down. I'm that someone that couldn't hurt you." The woman in kimono said.

"How can I be so sure that you telling me the truth!?" She breathed and said,

"Are you Yuki Shizuka?"

"Y-yes." I answered honestly, breaking a sweat.

"Then please come with me. I'll take you to where Amakase-sama really is." Surprised, I suddenly asked,

"Amakase-sensei!? Where is she!?"

"We'll go there now. And actually, she's at the dormitory." She pointed at the forest.

"There's a dormitory here!?"

"Yes. Now, would you please stop shouting, since we're in a distance on where we can talk normally."

"Opsss. I'm sorry." I said, sticking my tongue out while scratching my head. And I continued by asking,

"May I ask of how come I didn't know that there's a dormitory here?"

"Ohhh. You're an old student here?" I nodded. Then, the woman in kimono replied,

"About that, the dormitory has just been planned and constructed when the last summer vacation started."

"I see." I made a face.

"Now, is that all the questions you wanted to ask? And with that, let me introduce myself. My name's Saika."

"It's nice meeting you, Saika-san." I bowed.

"Likewise." And she bows back.

"Now, would you please follow me, Shizuka-sama."

"Ummm. Sure." I followed her. Woah. Such respect from a woman in a kimono! I feel like a royalty already~ Not to mention, I don't get this everyday so, maybe I should enjoy this for a day or two. Anyways, while walking, a strong wind blew. Unexpectedly, the wind pushed me at the edge of the bridge, as I out-balanced on the bridge. I fell but somehow grabbed a rope that connects the bridge. The tension's building up. I took the initiative.

"Saika-san!" I cried for help. Saika-san heard and noticed that I'm almost falling. She exclaimed,

"Shizuka-sama! She said, going for my aid.

Crap. I might not make it. My hand's getting numb. . . . Wait! My pocket watch! If my theory's correct, I could also reverse the time." I thought. I tried to grab for my pocket watch but, another strong wind blew. I lose my grip. I couldn't take it anymore, as I'm falling to the depths of the bridge.

"No! Shizuka-sama!" Saika-san exclaimed. I grabbed my pocket and clenched it to my chest, gritted my teeth, and closed my eyes. I kept falling down.

What now? Is this the end of my life? Is my life that miserable that I'm so unlucky that I ended up falling? I thought. As my thoughts kept on piling from one from another, the wind's brushing me strongly. Falling. . . . Falling. . . . Falling. . . Falling? Wait- where's the part on where I'm dead? Where's the ka-splat? I opened my eyes and there, I saw an unfamiliar environment. Yet, somehow. The atmosphere seems familiar. I was lying on a grassy field. I sat up, stroke my hair, and there I remembered something. With that, I fell silent. I stood up and looked up into the sky. I covered my eyes because of the sunlight. Then, I uttered the words that I remembered, as it chills down my spine.

"Welcome to Gensokyo, huh? What a welcome you gave me there, Patchy." Patchy's parting words finally came clear to me, and I realized that I'm into the world on where my dreams become a reality. A world of supernaturals and magic. . . . Again, my dear friends, let me repeat Patchy's parting words at me when I was still dreaming, "Welcome to Gensokyo."

Chapter 7, ended. To be continued. . . .