Is it wrong if a guy simply follows the instructions? I mean being a predator and all. It's not like I'm rudely forcing myself upon the poor girl. I'm just simply taking notice of the "fine print" if you will. Okay so I have this think that gets in the way. It's an ability; it's sort of like X-ray only not quite the Superman seeing through walls thing. It's more of I can see through thin layers of material. It could be anything but it has to be thin. No thicker than 3 inches otherwise it's just solid wall, or whatever. I unfortunately can't turn this ability on or off. I can only block it to a point where I'm not totally invading on people's privacy. However I still see things that may not be appropriate at certain times.

Let me tell you a little of what happened. I was sitting in this club, okay maybe - it wasn't a real club. It was more of one of those teen clubs that are really lame and take place in the old roller arena. Yes, everyone was drunk- not because alcohol was being sold illegally, but because the security sucks. I even got in and I'm already out of high school. I have been for a hundred years now, even though I'm still only seventeen. Drunk and baked, all the mortal teens gather in this place to party, but really it was a giant drunken orgy because everyone was too wasted to give a crap. I was only there because my mortal friend Danny invited me. I however refused to drink; it's not cool. I was being nice when I said I would - little did I know that I would end up meeting this girl who…happened to have instructions that were written right on her.

"So Matt, what do you think so far?" Danny nudged my elbow as we sat at a table.

"Uh, not bad I guess, it's not really my scene so I can't really say," I answered. I knew Danny was up to something from the time he had asked me to come along. He kept disappearing, leaving me alone with a bunch of his buddies that tried to make drunken small talk.

"Oh, trust me, it'll get better as soon as a few extra people show up," I wasn't sure what he was talking about seeing as I doubted that anymore people could fit into this place without over flowing. Danny checked his phone and told us he would be right back. I sat there a little nervous, his friends kept grinning at me strangely as if I had something on my face. "So what's up with Danny? He's being acting kind of strange since we got here." I was hoping I'd get a proper answer from someone that would make sense.

"Oh don't worry about it. A friend of his wants to meet you, but trust me I wouldn't blame you if you turned her down," one of the guys answered. That was what he was up to, trying to hook me up with some slut. I'm a solitary creature. Not much into girls, unless I can get them to do something for me (get you're mind out of the gutter).

Danny showed up after about ten minutes with three girls at his side. Two of them were clearly the typical teenaged girl, while the other was more normal. Or at least that's what she kind of looked like, I mean despite the lack of colour in her wardrobe apart from her nails. She had dark coloured hair; possibly black but the lighting was horrible so I couldn't tell. Her skin was very pale. What she wore underneath of the black clothing was shocking. Seeing as it was so fluorescently coloured that I thought that it was possibly glowing next to her skin. There was… small writing on her left collar bone, no I suppose it wasn't exactly her collar bone it was slightly lower than that so that it wasn't directly over it. Yes, unfortunately this was one of those moments where my X-Ray vision kicks in. I've heard that tattooing over bones hurts, so this might be the case - or just a badly place tattoo. I mentally zoomed in on the writing to see what it said. Drink me. I couldn't have thought of any better invitation. Wait, it was simply a tattoo… nothing serious; obviously she didn't want me to drink her. It was probably something silly she got just to feel cool or to symbolize something deeper.

"Would you like to get something to drink?" I asked her over the din of the too loud techno music that made my ears bleed.

"Sure," She mumbled. We walked out of the large room and into the smaller room reserved for concessions. It was a little quieter than the actual dance floor so you didn't have to yell to be heard.

"What can I get for you two?" the bored looking clerk asked.

"I'll have a root beer," I answered.

"Um, I'll have a cream soda," she answered as well. She dug in her pocket looking up at me occasionally until she found that change she was looking for. "I'm Loretta by the way." She turned to me.

"Mattias, but just call me Matt. Everyone does, partly because they can't remember Mattias," I answered.

"I've never met a Mattias. It's a pleasure to meet you," she answered. We received our drinks and hung out in the room to get away from the din of the awful music.

"Yeah not many people do," I answered. I had to know what her tattoo meant but I wasn't about to ask seeing as it was hidden by her clothing. It would have been weird to ask her what Drink Me meant when I haven't even seen the tattoo. I mean I had seen it- but only with my ability.

Yes, my abilities make me feel a bit like a stalker. I end up knowing things that I don't necessarily want to know about people. I honestly wanted to stop this. Maybe if I wore shades everywhere. No that was dumb, people would think I'm some kind of poser, or ask me why I'm wearing sunglasses at night and I'd have to quote some song from the eighties.

I sat with her for a little while in silence as we drank our pop. "So where are you from? Danny said you were new to his school?" she said, a little unsure.

"I'm from Pennsylvania- not the most mysterious place," I answered. She giggled.

"That's cool. So, what do you think?" she asked indicating herself. I cocked an eyebrow at the suggestive gesture.

"I'm not sure what you mean," I answered being polite. Of course, how couldn't I have seen it? Danny was setting me up with her, the damned pretty-boy was always trying to play matchmaker.

"Danny told me he had someone to set me up with. When we came to the table he told me it was you he wanted me to 'get to know'," she air quoted the last part. So, I wasn't the only one who hated Danny's matchmaking attempts.

"Really? His buddies told me that he had someone that wanted to meet me or something along those lines. It is nice to meet you but I think it's ridiculous what Danny had in mind," I answered. Danny liked to play matchmaker and didn't know enough to butt out. He's tried to set all of his buddies up with girls but it hasn't really worked too well. You see he was popular with the ladies, only because he was good looking. I think Danny's alright as long as you don't mention girls around him. He does have a good heart but he doesn't put that to use he thinks with his head. Not the one on his shoulder's either.

"I hear Danny has quite the reputation around your school," she answered, smirking. I laughed. Yeah it was something like that. If you needed a date he was the man to go to.

"Yeah, a regular matchmaker if you ask me. Say do you want to blow this pop stand and come back to my place, maybe play a little Xbox or Playstation?" I asked. I was hoping she'd be one of those cool girls who were into gaming. I wasn't much into it but I dabbled in the area. I think everyone does that.

"Sure, I'll play some Playstation, I'm not too good at Xbox seeing as I've only played a few times," she answered.

"Well let's see if we can change that," I answered. We snuck out of the club trying to make sure we avoided Danny's line of vision which turned out to be easier than expected seeing as Loretta noticed that he was grinding with one of the girls she had come with. We walked in the dark to my place. It wasn't that much of a walk (unfortunately).

"So what can I call you for short?" I asked.

"Sharona," she answered. I was a little confused but I'm going to assume that it was her favourite song.

"O-okay, what's the story behind that?" I asked, wanting to know more.

"It's a nickname my dad had for me," she added hesitantly.

"That's cool," I answered. "At least you have more friends than I do that use it." "Thanks, but that's not necessarily true. The girls I came with they pose as my friends I think you're different, I mean you're definitely not fake like the others." BINGO we have a winner. I didn't know how she could tell; I had made sure that I acted as human as possible. Then again, she is also different. The only girl I know with a tattoo that says Drink me. We walked up to my door in the dark; it was kind of like a very lame cat and mouse game. I had lapsed into a period of silence when she said that, not wanting to know what she thought of me being different. It didn't bother me that she thought so, so why bother? I unlocked the door and walked in leading the way to my room. I could tell she was nervous but I greeted her with a warm smile as she stepped in.

"Sorry about the mess, I can clean up if you'd like," I answered.

"No, its okay I like organized messes. It reminds me of my room," she answered.

"Oh, okay I won't bother then," I moved the stuff off my bed and onto the floor on my side making room for her. Sharona made her way to the bed from the door but tripped. I lunged forward catching her in a hug. She let out a gasp of relief and snuggled a bit closer. I wasn't expecting that but I couldn't help but like it.

"I'm sorry, it's just been so long that someone other than my family has given me a hug," she quickly tried to cover her reaction.

"Don't worry about it," I answered. She pulled away, much to my dislike, but I couldn't exactly keep her in my arms. It would freak her out, so I let go.

"Do you mind if I take my shirt off?" she asked. Whoa! Not even an hour and I had her taking her shirt off!

"What?" I asked in a half laugh.

"Oh sorry, I just realized how bad that sounded. Um, I mean my over shirt- I have two shirts on but it's kind of warm in here so…?" she corrected herself as her face went red.

"Oh yeah, no problem," I answered. She took her t-shirt off to reveal the tank top underneath. This was my opportunity to ask about the tattoo with out seeming weird—so I took it.

"Nice tat," I said casually. It was nice- the script was elegantly done and it looked very lovely where it was placed even though to other people it would be cliché.

"Oh thanks, I kind of regret getting it now," she answered.

"Oh? Why's that, if you don't mind me asking?" I had to know more- it was this distinct feeling that maybe it meant more than it said. Maybe I shouldn't simply follow the instructions and see what's hidden beneath that skin.

"It meant something to me and a very close friend of mine. He had always joked that if any vampires around they'd drink me because I was always accidentally getting cuts or scraps from falls. But he passed away in a terrible accident a few years ago and every time I see the black writing it reminds me of him," she answered. "It's also kind of a fantasy of mine, to have a vampire bite me. Then again, it won't happen so I might just get vampire bites tattooed on so that it looks like I was. It might distance the message drink me from my friend." Little did she know that I could make that dream come true? Yes, I am a vampire- that is why I've been seventeen for over a hundred years. I don't age. So then I knew the meaning behind this tattoo of hers. Not thinking, I casually pushed her back into the pillows with a kiss. I could tell she wasn't sure what was going on.

"Sh, don't worry; I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just following instructions." I was, but I didn't realize that my animal instinct had come over me. I pinned her to the bed with my weight and ran my tongue over her neck, almost preparing it for my needle like incisors to puncture the skin.

That's when I locked my lips to the skin and gingerly eased my teeth into the flesh above her jugular vein. Blood sprang from the wound and flowed over my tongue. It was like sweet syrup running into my mouth making me want more, to the point where I couldn't physically stop.

I think I blacked out at one point because I woke up in the next night with Loretta's body cold and lifeless lying next to me. Was I wrong for just simply following the instructions I read on the label? I guess so, but I had just wanted a taste just a little taste of that sweet blood, and she said that she had wanted it to happen. I just couldn't stop, not even in the least bit. I guess following instructions isn't always a good thing. Damn, instructions to hell they only get you into trouble.