Summary: The whole world was in chaos. It was everyone against everyone. With the exception of the Resistance, the children who occupy the Sewers, planning the downfall of the power-crazy dictator that had caused this modern apocalypse.

Rated: T

Note: Sewer Children, an idea that popped into my head when I was in the shower. Lol. Constructive criticism is welcomed, anything to up my writing skills. Not to mean though please? ^v^ And I'm winging the story a bit, just making up the scenes and characters as I go along. I got the main plot in my head though...

"Shhh!" A smirk fought its way onto the boy's face as he pulled his hoodie tighter onto his head, trying to keep down his unruly light brown hair. The mask covering his mouth and nose itched a bit, but he paid it no attention. His coal-black eyes glistened as he lightly shoved the two other smaller figures with liquid gray-gold eyes in front of him in an attempt to get closer to the target. The two figures responded by jumping on him and blocking his airway. "MPH-" The other companion ripped the two smaller ones off the boy and glared at the three with hard hazel eyes.

They all immediately backed down.

Giving the boy one last shove, the two smaller ones with identical mischievous eyes giggled silently as they scurried up the narrow trail. The boy with coal-black eyes glared after them. The hazel eyed one rolls his eyes and rushes forward, leaving the boy to trail after.

The boy slouched slightly, but slinked after them grudgingly. There was mission to complete and he could deal with the brats later.


Kill. Apprehend. Boom.

The simple plan had made presented itself in the boy's mind as he watched the two smaller figures stalk around the room in scary synchronized steps and habits, killing off each other their designated guards in swift and quiet movements. They were perfect at this.

Then the other boy popped out from the ceiling, the hoodie fallen off due to him being upside down revealing mussy brown hair. He was done with his part, the bomb had been successfully planted onto the ceiling, ready to blow when the button in the pocket of the upside down male was pushed. The two other smaller ones had finished their dirty work, now almost done with their own bomb, a glint in their eyes as if ready to blow the warehouse up in a moments notice.

The coal-eyed boy then directed his attention a few feet away from the smaller figures section, concealed behind the giant boards and fallen bricks. Three men, all armed, each big, guarding the place his own bomb was to be placed. Time to set the final step in motion.

As quiet as the two other figures were, the boy slunk in the shadows, careful to avoid the guards watchful eyes, cautious as to anything that could endanger the mission. He reached the first man, he was strayed from the two others, near a rack that was sturdy enough to hold the boy. The boy wiggled slightly to get closer to the guard, sticking his hand inside his hoodie pocket before taking out a simple pocket knife.

"To the neck. Silent, blissful, quick, and easy." In one fluid motion, the knife had sliced down onto the unsuspecting guards neck, blood gushed from the slice and trailed down his neck in sick bubbles, then he fell, dead in a moment. The boy caught him before his body could make an impact on to floor. Carefully, he placed him against the rack, closing his eyes and into the shadows so the others wouldn't see the blood from their distance.

Now for the final kills. Waiting for the right moment, just as the other guards had turned from each other for a split moment, the boy pounced on the first one, all thoughts of hiding gone as he stabbed his throat. The second one turned around in panic at the ripping noise of flesh, but just as he saw the boy, he himself was hit in the neck with three poisonous darts, killing him instantly as he fell to the floor next to the other one.

The boy coughed, pushing the body off of him and wiping the blood around his once all black hoodie.

"Impressive." Two voices giggled in unison, one slightly higher than the other. From the shadows came his three other companions, the two smaller ones, twins, had finally taken off their lower masks and hoodies, revealing two near identical faces, the one on the right's features softer than the others, and her eyes a bit wider, and lashes longer. Light brown hair with some sort of red tint in it made itself clear as both hairstyles spread around, the girl's slightly longer and neater but not by much.

The hazel eyed one was behind them, his mask also off, his hoodie forgotten, messy brown hair spread askew and carelessly, traces of dirt in them. All three has some blood stains, on their once black clothing, the twins having bandages around their faces due to past carelessness that they could have easily avoided but didn't. While the tallest one of the four had dirt and dried blood on his.

The boy grinned, finally revealed after taking off his own mask. Hoodie now off, his hair even unrulier than the other boy's spiked up and spread out. His own face held bandages, and there was a small scar embedded near his left eyebrow.

"Hurry and place the last bomb Zach. We have to return to the Sewer's soon." The twins pouted as Zach shrugged and got to work. "That's no fun Rei." They whined. "Quit spewing shit in unison you brats." Zach mutters as he finishes the wires. "Fuck you!" They yell back at the coal-eyed boy, making rather rude gestures with their hands towards him.

"Hush A and B," Rei sighs at the twins, Alpha and Beta just to tell you by the way. "You three give me migraines."

The rude gesture was then pointed at Rei.



Alpha and Beta, A and B for short, watched with unnatural excitement as the warehouse blew into tiny little bits. A, the boy, smirked maliciously, licking his lips and itching to blow another thing up, while B, the girl, rubbed her hands in anticipation, ready to go old school and light a stick of dynamite if she had to.

Zach and Rei watched with ill-disgusted curiosity as the twins burst into a fit of disturbing giggles and hysteria at the explosion. The twins were never really right, they were born for this organization. They specialized in every sector. Engineering, spying, assassinations, search and destroy. The rest of the organization wonders whether to be worried or relaxed, as the twins have no problem of claiming lives, but they were merely 9 years old. The kids in the resistance all had that choice, to be one of them and to kill to get to the peace, or to just cower and sit back as the world spirals into chaos.

The twins had no problem at all. And to top it all off, they still acted as mere children anyways, wearing the same clothing just see if people noticed, talking in unison, finishing each others sentences, pulling pranks, and picking playful fights and banter with the other children. But the twins were weird.

Everybody chose to leave it alone.

Zach on the other hand, had to join the resistance as he had nothing left. His family left him in favour of the ever-rising dictator, and he refused to be just another child he could kick to the curb. He wanted to do something about it. He wanted peace. Zach was always an ill-tempered boy though. His temper could get ignited by the tiniest of things. He was 12, still pretty young. He had only been in the organization for 2 years, while A and B had been in since they were practically born, and Rei had been in it for 6 years.

Despite his that, Zach actually had a problem with killing people. He wasn't sadistic in any way, and can prove to show mercy on people. But throughout 2 years of it, he had learned to deeply conceal his scared nature. He had an enormous amount of determination and loyalty, willing to look past his fear of death to avenge himself and at least try to restore the world to what it had originally been.

Rei although, was an entirely different story. He had shown up in the Sewers scratched and bleeding half to death. The Nurses immediately went to work but he had permanently damaged his lung, which had been pierced by an arrow. If he hadn't stumbled into the Sewer's, he could have easily died at the age of 7. Before then, he was a cowardly boy. He couldn't, wouldn't stand up for himself. And when the dictator had sent men to massacre his family, he ran.

He got away with severe injuries, barely alive. But worse was the guilt of leaving his family behind to protect pathetic old him. Once healed, and given the opportunity to join the resistance family, he vowed to himself that he would protect this new family. He will fight, no matter the cost. He abandoned his sickly, cowardly nature, and became the stoic, cold, strategic 13-year-old he is today.

In any case, despite each and every vast difference, these four, along with all the other Sewer Children, have one goal in common. To achieve world peace, and to take down Dictator Alva Wilson.

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