Summary: The whole world was in chaos. It was everyone against everyone. With the exception of the Resistance, the children who occupy the Sewers, planning the downfall of the power-crazy dictator that had caused this modern apocalypse.

Rated: T

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"Gross!" Zach yells as decayed skull rolls in front of him as him and the three others went sauntering down the messy, abandoned alleyways of what used to be London. The twins scoffed as they both jumped onto the 12-year-old, "Grow up Zachary!" They mocked, giggling. "GEROFFME!" Zach seethes.

"All three of you shut you traps! Your going to risk us getting caught by Wilson's men." Rei whispers harshly, pushing them forward and kicking the skull away. "C'mon Rei, we're here already anyways!" Alpha says, ducking underneath Zach as the boy tries to claw off his younger twin sister. "Yeah seriously!" Beta agree's, yelping slightly when Zach finally manages to throw her off. She lands on Alpha, who trips Zach in the process, resulting in all three of them crashing into a pile of boards and through a hidden entrance.

Rei facepalms and follows them down, fixing the boards to conceal the entrance along the way. Now inside the abandoned building, which was rotting and smelled of decay and metallic blood, Rei found his three companions wrestling on the floor, he pulls the twins away from Zach just before Beta could land a kick on Zach's eye.

"Let's go you brats, the quicker we're back at the Sewer's the quicker you three can mess around." Rei hisses, growing even more agitated at their childish personalities.

Muttering curses under their breaths, they grudgingly followed his orders, stalking after him as he went into the corner of the building, kicking a pile of wood away, revealing a sewer pothole, an entrance to the Sewer. Zach scoffs to himself, what kind of design plan would have a sewer pothole inside a bloody building, he didn't know.

Rei bends down, fishing a screw from inside his hoodie pocket, unscrewing the entrance and carefully flipping the top off. A rancid oder immediately clogged all four of the children's nostrils.

"Ugh." Zach mutters, "2 years and still not used to it."

"Try being born in there you arse," The twins scoff, jumping in first, not even bothering to use the ladder as they landed with agile reflexes, rushing away on there own, towards where the resistance base was located.

"Tch, you weren't really born in the Sewer's you brats." Zach says bitterly to himself, Rei shakes his head and slides down into the Sewer himself, once again leaving Zach to follow.


"YOU TWO! QUIT PLAYING!" The first things both Zach and Rei witness after passing the Resistance guards where Alpha and Beta zooming past them, giggling as they dragged a sack of something through the Sewer room. Shutting the modeled gate closed from the room discovered by the start of the organization, Zach raises an eyebrow as Rei slinks away to seek the head of the resistance. The room was really just more than a lounge, there was a carpet spread all around the floor, various stolen furniture around it, including a television.

There were three levels, all opened ledges, all having ladders leading to them. The first level, expanded, thanks to the engineers, were where strategies are planned, where the different sections are. The missions on a large board that covered the entire wall. The different rooms labeled, 'search and destroy', 'assassinations', 'spies', etc. The second level was weapons, plain and simple. The simple necessities also, the makeshift kitchen, the hospital, and the enginering. The third level were the rooms, they were all mostly crammed due to the amount of children in the resistance. Sharing rooms with your original teams.

There were other Sewer rooms around the Sewers in London, this was just the biggest. Just to inform you.


Zach watched as A and B raced up to the second level, the girl with dark brown eyes at their heels. Molly, the head 15-year-old nurse and a bit of a prat. She was the sister of the resistance, and she didn't like to get out in the field like the other children. Her brown hair was almost always in a bun, although her signature satchel was missing. "Must have been what the twins were carrying." Zach mused to himself. "Maybe I should join them..."

He couldn't though, because then he spotted Rei walking towards him with her. The brown-eyed, red-haired resistance leader, 17-year-old Bella. She was more than serious, she looked out for each and every one of the resistance children with an iron fist and a cold gaze. Her and Molly had lost their parents at a young age at the hands of Wilson. She was born 3 years into the apocalypse, in the year 2015. The Wilson reign had started in the year 2012 itself, 12-21-2012 to be exact. When she was 5 years old, her parents were killed directly in front of her. Wilson himself had personally shot them in front of the toddler sisters.

Orphaned, sick, tired, seeking vengeance, at the age of 7, Bella was molded into a cold, logical child in order to protect herself and Molly. Getting the idea of the resistance when she saw a group of loyal teenagers fighting off some of Wilson's guards, none fled in fear of danger, having each others back even when 3 fell.

The resistance had been on at 2013 already, though it wasn't a wide ranged one. It wasn't clarified. When Bella came and took control, collected recruits, the organization had been thriving for 10 years because of her.

Zach shivered slightly when Bella's cold brown eyes landed on him briefly, before she caught sight of Molly chasing after Alpha and Beta up on the 2nd floor already. Nodding at Rei, she slipped away to handle Molly's situation.

"Geez, her eyes give me the creeps." Zach says. "They're so empty..." Rei didn't answer, instead punching him in the gut before heading towards A and B who were currently rolling in the floor in pain because Bella had came up and whacked them over the head and tossing Molly back her satchel.

Zach watches as Rei scolds the twins, lifting them both up easily, despite their protests, and dragging them up into their room on the third level. Zach snickers as he scurries up after them. He was tired anyway, might as well get some sleep.


The girl with dark blue eyes watches Zach as he saunters into his and his team's designated room. She peeks in slightly to see their room as messy as always, the three beds pushed up against the walls. It was really four beds actually, the twins had pushed theirs together. Because they were always together. The girl didn't really like the twins, they were childish and immature. Not fit for their top rank in Search and Destroy. He didn't like Rei or Zack any better, because they had taken her spot on the top rank of teams.

"I know you're there Alice." Rei says as Zach jumps onto the bed with the twins and gave the two noogies. Alice huffs as she tucks a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear, the freckles on her nose turning red as her whole face slowly blushes at being caught.

"Still looking out for these immature brats are you Rei?" Alice said hauntingly. "Bitch." The three 'brats', A, B, and Zach mutter, as the twins adjusted themselves in Zach's grip. "Really Alice, still bitter about your team's ranking?" Rei sighs, fishing out some bandages from the drawer in the corner.

Alice's face turns red again as she lifts her chin. "Everybody knows my team and I are the best! Bella just favours your lot!"

The twins roll their eyes and Zach scoffs. Rei gives them a pointed look, always the polite one. "Alice I'm sure your team is very talented in the field."

"Don't flatter them big-brother!" Alpha and Beta say, using their nickname for the 13-year-old. I assure you they are not blood-related. "Jack and Karson are legit but she's just a big jacka-" The look Rei gave them was enough to shut them up. "You don't have to be so nice to her Rei, geez..." Zach says, rolling his eyes.

"Alice, please we're tired from our mission today." Rei says, "And I have to go down into the kitchen to get the twins something to eat before they wake Zach and I at night again because they wanted some chocolate."

Alpha and Beta snickered, they wanted chocolate. What of it?

Alice snorts, "Your not making me leave." Rei sighs yet again, before looking at his teammates on the bed. They look back at him in puzzlement for a moment, before realization dawned and they jumped off the bed and out the door. Alice's eyebrows furrow in question. "What are they-"

The twins and Zach come back in dragging a boy and a girl, the twins dragging the girl with the same dark blue eyes as Alice, but instead has brown hair instead of blonde, by the hand, and Zach more than just shoving the fraile-looking, sandy-haired, green-eyed boy inside.

"Tell her to leave big brother and big sister!" The twins whine, their voices changing into that of an innocent. "Big sister why are you in here bothering them?" The little 10-year-old, Jack, says to his 14-year-old sister, while Karson gives her fraternal twin a disapproving look.

"Well, they've got to stop acting so high and mighty when they clearly don't deserve their top rank!" Alice sniffs, on the verge of a tantrum.

"Since when do we-" Alpha starts, "-act all high and mighty?" Beta finishes. The two then snorted in unison, rolling their eyes. "Besides, the 'ranks' are just something the others made up." Rei sighs. "Seriously, what does it matter what rank anyone is in when we're all pinning after the same goal?"

"Ranking does matter! It does-" Alice was cut off when Karson clamps her mouth shut and laughs nervously. "I'm so sorry about her again..." She says, shaking her head. "We dunno where she gets it." Jack shrugs, as the twins giggle and prance around him. "Goodnight!" Both Karson and Jack say, before dragging out Alice who was "MPHH"ing and squirming.

The four watch them leave with blank expressions, before Zach breaks the silence. "They're a weird bunch."

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