This is a poem that I wrote behind a curtain of tears. Not because the situation was happening to me, but because the speaker in this was truly sorry. And also because she seemed so fragile and broken after the roller coaster ride that this love story took her.

Poems aren't really my thing, comment if you like it or whether I should just leave the rhymes to the professionals.

I think I'm in love with you

But who am I to say it's true,

When true love means he loves you back

But his love is what I lack.

Once there was something in the air,

But to ask, I didn't dare.

Because what it had been,

Was like a dream

A dream to never wake

To wake a nightmare it would make.

A nightmare is what this is,

For I am no dream of his

To walk away is what we did

For love is what fate forbid

We made no move to alter it

For our own hearts were already split.

Yours to her and mine to another,

She, my friend, he, your brother

You owed her yours, he gave back mine

My heart he said had to wait in line

Behind other girls who loved him too,

He saw your love and followed you.

He found her, the girl you wooed,

And her you both pursued.

Then she choose you, but far too late

I caught your eye, then the twist of fate

For again your darling brother had followed you

And made me choose between the two

She came for you, she gave her love

She said you were her angel from above.

The problem was, I was yours and he was mine

The complication that love entwine

And yet we made a simple decision

To end this painful complication

I broke your heart and you hated me,

For I choose him and set you free.

You ran to her and he let me in

I forced a smile and forced a grin.

To smile was untrue to cry was for real

For the pain I caused you was hard to heal.

I regret my choice to lie to my heart

But it was the only way for us to depart.

Be happy with her, he already said goodbye

Another girl had caught his eye.

I'm okay, I'll be fine

I was another girl in the line.

And finally I want you to know

Why I let your love go.

Why I walked away and closed you out,

My love for you was never a doubt

Your love was something I wanted most

To keep you in my heart and keep you close,

Yet there was one thing I could not ignore

I knew you loved her far more.