A twig snapped nearby; Dannyal froze, if anyone saw him- he relaxed as a young rabbit hopped in font of him. He smiled; fancy being afraid of a rabbit. He looked up at the sky, it was a full moon tonight and Dannyal could no longer hold it back. He didn't understand what was wrong with him, all he new was that he was not human; he was wolf kind.

Something was wrong and Dannyal new it. He was a freak, an outcast. It had started lat month, he had been on a school trip and he had nearly wolfed out in front of the whole class. Everyone thought he had had some kind of fit and he had spent the rest of the day in the local hospital. He laughed at that memory now. He still remembered the look on the tours guides face when he had howled at the sky; priceless. He loved being a wolf but it had its limitations, he had no friends for a starter as everyone thought he was strange. Another limitation was the full moon, it made his wolf sense go crazy and now here he was wandering alone in the woods trying not to go wolf.

A rustle in the bushes made his ears prick up. He frowned (well did an imitation as well as he could with his lupine features) he hadn't even noticed the transformation. He looked down at a puddle by his fore paws, a young wolf peered back, its deep amber eyes seemed to show all his emotion. Movement to his right made him turn his head, two jade coloured eyes peered back at him from the shadows. A low growl came from Dannyal's throat as an old grey wolf stepped from the brush. Dannyal noticed a thin golden band around its left fore paw with a small symbol on the front of it. A sound further way distracted him and he looked over his shoulder and when he looked back an old man crouched in font of him. Dannyal whined in surprise.

"Don't be afraid," he said in a gruff voice "I know what you are, change back."

Dannyal stared at him with wide eyes. The man chuckled.

"You don't know how to change back do you?"

Dannyal blinked then nodded his head. The man sighed.

"Let's teach you how then, are you willing to let me into you mind?"

Dannyal thought about it and then nodded. He felt a strange sensation as the man touched his head, then he felt a presence in his mind.

: You must give me permission to enter you mind

: How do I do that?

: You just did. Now then let's get you back to normal again. Ok first of all focus on your self. No not your wolf self that is what you want to get away from. Focus on your Human Self. That's it, now – open your eyes.

Dannyal opened his eyes; he looked down and saw he was human again. His eyes flickered to the band which was still around the mans wrist. The man noticed him staring and followed his gaze down to the bracelet.

"This? It's a packring" began the man "It – wait, you mean you've never seen another wolf kind before?"

"N-no sir" Dannyal Answer "I thought I was the only one, a freak, a"

He was cut off as a dozen other wolves exploded into the clearing. At the head of them was a raven coloured male, he growled at Dannyal.

"Now then, no need for that behaviour" Said the man to the wolf "Dannyal, I'd like you to meet my pack"