I see

I see the stitches in your smile -

Bright red and bold.

The glisten in your eyes -

Deep amber and gold

(Not a happy gold though)

The sadness in your laugh

The reality of your cries

Of joy

I see what no-one was supposed to.

I see the broken in you,

The shards of jagged pieces tumbling together

beneath your skin

Piercing, breaking, splintering

That you tried to smooth over

But not quite enough.

Because I can still see

The hidden, the covered, the veiled.

And I wonder sometimes

If anyone else can see it too:

The real you,

The real us.

I don't think they can.

So let's make it our little secret.

Let's be broken

Let's be hidden


So that was my crap attempt at poetry, written late at night and completely random...