The snow falls around the barren landscape that falls across us all,

especially my heart that falls and bounces like a ball.

The shape is never retained and is constantly restrained

by the bleak towering government that causes my inner intentions much pain.

We meet under the crumbled bridge that is suspended within the air,

at least, whatever is in this atmosphere that makes my eyes blur.

Vision can see through distortion to see beauty and you are no exception,

as long as I have you forever I will keep a heightened perception.

My vocal cords still work and I emit a suggestion

of a plan that will aid our egestion of this murky congregation.

The words rape your ears but an icicle grows within,

as much as you love me, you want us all to win.

A gunshot to the chest was all it took, in the snowy village where the bacterium cooks,

for my admiration to evaporate and be written in books.

The battle is lost and so is the war, adoration is a playful sty

that will only backfire and make the nation cry.