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"Hey Ryan, you ready for school?" the 8-year-old's older brother, Mike, called from the other room in their pitiful excuse for a home.

It was actually a trailer since they couldn't afford anything else after their father left them and their mother doesn't do anything but spend all their money on alcohol. So every day the 14-year-old walks his brother to and from school.

"Okay, Mikey," Ryan called before running to the living room. His floppy brown hair hung limply over his green eyes.

Mike smiled at the kid he loves more than anything else in the world. He doesn't have much in this world but his brother makes it durable.

"We need to get you a haircut soon, kiddo," he murmured running a hand through his brother's soft hair affectionately. Ryan grinned up at him.

"You could give me another one," he told him.

Mike smiled at the memory of his failed attempt at cutting the kid's hair. He had made Ryan wear a hat everyday till it grew out.

"No, I think we'll get a professional to do it," he told him instead before asking, "You ready?"

"Mhm," Ryan hummed before grabbing Mike's hand and following him out of their house.

They lived in an old trailer park on the outskirts of town. Mike didn't trust any of the people living there. They were all low-lives like their mom.

They passed their neighbor and their dog perked up as the brothers passed. They kept the thing on a chain and for that Mike was thankful. It was not a nice dog. Around its neck was a red collar with a tag that read 'Rex.'

"Mike," Ryan suddenly gasped as they passed, "I forgot my lunch money at the house."

Mike froze before turning around prepared to go fetch his brother the little money. Ryan stopped him though with his hand.

"Don't worry," he reassured, "I'll go get it. I'm faster."

Mike hesitated before nodding. His brother was faster and he was right there. Nothing bad could happen, could it?

Ryan quickly took off and several minutes later, Mike saw him exit the house clutching his money in his hand. He was grinning broadly as he made his way over to his brother.

Mike watched with a small smile playing on his lips. His brother looked so happy and young.

That was when Rex sat up abruptly.

Without warning the dog charged. The metal chain keeping it tied to the tree snapped in half from years of rust. Mike just watched in silent horror as the beast made its way towards Ryan.

Ryan froze as he stared at the charging dog. Its eyes were crazy as it snapped at him. He did the only thing he could've done. He screamed as he tried to run backwards, the dog snapping at his face and neck.


Mike was finally brought out of his stupor as he sprinted towards his brother and attacking dog. He watched as Ryan tripped and fell on his butt. Rex caught up with him biting at him while Ryan did everything he could to swat him off.

Sitting in the yard of the owners of Rex was a spare axe. Mike didn't even hesitate to think why it was lying there so carelessly. He swopped it up before making his way over to Ryan.

"Mike!" Ryan screamed in fear as he continued to try to dodge away from the snapping teeth. His heart was beating faster than he thought was imaginable.

"Ryan!" he called back urging his legs to go faster.

He was only several feet away when he heard Ryan scream in pain. The sound chilled him to his bone and he didn't even pause. The axe swung downwards and Rex's body stiffened before falling limply to the side. It's head laying several feet away.

With trembling hands, Mike dropped the axe to fall down beside his sobbing brother. Ryan had curled in on himself clutching his arm protectively.

"Ryan," Mike's panic voice called, "Let me see. Did it bite you? Ryan, look at me. Ryan!"

Finally, Ryan looked up. He shook his head when his brother asked if he was bitten. He watched as Mike visibly relaxed before stiffening again.

"What's wrong?" he asked confused to why his brother was hugging his arm like that and why'd he screamed.

Slowly, Ryan revealed his arm that had been scratched when he had desperately tried to swat the thing off. Mike still frowned looking at the injury with concern.

"I don't think we have anything at home to clean it with," he told him as he gathered his shaking brother in his arms, "Do you think you can wait until you get to school? We could have the school nurse check it out."

Ryan nodded in his brother's shoulder. Tears streamed down his face as silent sobs racked his body. Mike just held him closer as he whispered comforting words in his hair.

"It's okay. You're okay. I won't let anything get you again, I promise," he murmured rubbing small circles in the boy's back.

Finally, he got Ryan calmed down he leaned back and asked, "Do you think you can walk? I'll carry your stuff."

Ryan nodded as Mike lifted his backpack and money off the ground. Careful to avoid Rex's stiff body, they made their way to the school.

"He'll be fine," the school nurse reassured the anxious brother leaning against the wall outside the small school nurse's office.

Mike finally let out the worried breath he'd been holding since the attack. He gazed at the door before asking, "Can I see him?"

"Sure," she reassured leading him in the room where Ryan was sitting with his arm wrapped. He smiled brightly when he saw Mike.

"Mikey!" he exclaimed and Mike sat beside him comfortingly.

"Hey kid," he greeted wrapping an arm around the boy's thin shoulders, "How you feeling?"

"Tired," the boy admitted before yawning causing Mike to laugh in relief.

Ryan was going to be fine. And because of that, so was he. He knew there was a long road ahead of them filled with fear, nightmares, and of course, the overprotective elder brother but they'd get through it, together- like they've done everything else in this cruel world.

"Mike," Ryan mumbled as if reading his mind, "It's okay. It's just you and me against the world, right?"

Mike couldn't help but smile as he brought Ryan closer. He kissed his head before agreeing, "Right."

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