Their voices run through my head

They don't tell me that I am worth something.

They tear me down instead.

I never wanted to do anything important,

But yet, whenever I have a dream.

It soon lies dormant.

My dreams never awaken,

It lies in permanent sleep,

It will forever be forsaken.

Their screams echo inside my head,

I try to run away.

But I have to be careful of where I tread.

I try and run to the a place that I know I'll be safe

The Land of Far Far Away,

The place of my escape.

The road to the Land of Far Far Away,

is full of pot holes and false hopes.

The road fills me with despair and dismay.

The dreaded whispering has begun,

I can barely hear what they say.

However, they can't undo what is done.

Apologies fill my ear.

Apologies too late.

It's too late for me to listen, too late for me to hear.

Their voices have stopped.

They have crippled me, and they know it.

Their words can never be blocked.

For they have broken my spirit.