This is a random idea that I had. I need a better idea for a title.

Warnings are my usual ones. Violence, language, sexual situations (straight and gay, but only very light. nothing beyond kisses and innuendos). This is a crime story so there will be gore. You have been warned. Rating may increase. I am trying something new as far as writing style goes so bare with me. Also, there will be familiar characters returning, if anyone has read my other stuff.

Haley narrating.

Story itself

Radio chatter


The year is 2026.

"Blackbird, suspect is headed your direction, I am in hot pursuit!" A young woman in black vaulted over a small wall a few yards behind a guy in all red.

We are a special unit, the remnants of an American government group known as FBI.

"Stay on him, Raven, he's not in my sights yet."

We specialize in all cases, civil and criminal.

"Ten feet from the street, get ready!"

We work in teams, each of us having a special talent or skill that makes us dangerous to our targets or helpful to our team.

The man in red stepped out onto the sidewalk and lowered his hood, blending into the crowd. Behind him, Raven slid to a halt, looking around.

"Damn, I can't hit him. He's yours, Blackbird."

"Got him, Wanderer!"

Abruptly, someone slammed into the man, knocking him sideways. The two people fell to the left as people shrieked and scrambled to get out of the way, the two tangled forms falling through a cafe window. Glass scattered around them as they hit landed on a glass table, wiping that out as well.

That's me. Haley Elizabeth Blackburd. I don't usually cause such a scene or make such a mess, but I always catch my target.

"Blackbird! Damn it! Not again!"

Okay, so I do destroy stuff a lot...

The man pulled away from the young woman, punching her and reaching for a shard of glass. He slashed at the girl, who pulled away just as a crowbar connected with his skull. Instantly, the man was knocked out.

"That asshole damn near shanked you with a piece of glass!" The woman in black said, out of breath from the three miles she had been running in pursuit of the now unconscious man.

The crazy chick with the bloody crowbar? That's Codename Raven. She's my best friend (one of them, anyhow) and is often my partner. She's a regular Southern Bell until you piss her off. Even then she's polite and will insult you with a smile on her face. Born and raised in Mississippi, her home was destroyed when the war ended. She moved up north to get away from her past. She's also an ace prosecutor and frequently works with suspects we bring in. She stands at 5'8" and has long brown hair that it almost always curled or wavy. She has gorgeous green eyes and has the puppy dog look mastered. In court though, she looks more like a wolf zeroing on it's prey. She has only lost one case. That case and another one, one of her wins, will stay with her forever...

"Guys! He has an Animus!" Another young woman shrieked over the radio. Haley and Raven spun around to look out at the street.

A panther with a muzzle was hunched in the middle of the street, snarling at them. It had a manacle attached to each leg and a chain lead from the manacle up to a harness on the creature's back. The harness had a small saddle, suited for a rider. The panther's skin was torn and mangled in some patches, completely absent in other spots. It's eyes were blood red and the muzzle had spikes on the inside that dug into the poor creature's mouth.

That is what we call an Animus. Generally they are extensions of people's soul, an alter ego of sorts. Each person's is unique to them, matching their personality perfectly or being a complete polar opposite. While there is a whole science dedicated to these beings, we still don't know much about them. We do know that they are purely magic. In recent years, we have discovered a group of people that can corrupt an Animus and use the Animus themselves, even if the Animus doesn't belong to them. This guy in red? He's one of those people. They go around killing people and stealing their Animus. It reminds me of a show that was popular before the war, I think it was called like Pokeyman or something like that. There was a group that would steal other people's pets. That's what this group does.

And Animus, even corrupt ones, are never easy to take down.

"Take it down!" Wanderer shouted. He was on a roof a block away, a rifle out and aimed at the beast. He jumped to his feet, hurriedly packing the rifle into a guitarcase and slinging the case over his shoulder, jumping from the three story rooftop to the street below.

The bad ass on the roof? That's Travis Anderson, Codename Wanderer. He's our sniper, apparently he served in some group called Green Beret before the war. Apparently, that's a big shot group that means he's good at what he does. We don't really know much about him, he's very quiet actually, and doesn't offer much about himself. If you ask a question about his past, he rarely gives you an answer. He also has a long sleeve that he wears constantly on his left arm, covering it completely. Regardless of his mysterious persona, he is very smart and knows alot about the magic in this world. He doesn't really work with us in the office, but he's happy to help out into the field. He often refers to a group in his past called ShadowStrike, but he won't say anything more then "They were my old friends." He looks 36, but only a few people know his real age. I am one of the many that don't know. He seems to have a past that he is running from as well, and I can't help but wonder what kind of shadows haunt the dark alleys of his mind.

"I don't wanna kill it..." Haley whined, looking downward. She grabbed her gun out of its holster and took aim slowly. The panther growled at her, and Haley swore she saw a sad look cross it's features. The creature roared then, and lunged as people scrambled to get out of it's path. Raven raised the crowbar, which shifted into a massive war hammer. The ground shook slightly, the creature being only a little smaller then an adult elephant. Haley lowered the gun.

"I can't..." Haley whimpered, tears in her eyes.

"Then I will!" A figure launched itself from a roof. She landed in front of the big cat and raised her hand. The creature slid to a halt, sniffing at her hand. The panther sat down, and then lay on the ground on it's side. The young woman kneeled next to it just as Travis got to Haley. The woman by the animal was stroking the beast, whispering softly to it. Travis raised his rifle and approached the monster.

"Well?" Travis asked, gun ready.

"She's ready. She says the human killed her master and made her submit." The young woman said. She had silver hair that was layered and barely reached her shoulder. Her eyes were grey.

"Again...tell her we're sorry." Travis aimed the rifle.

"She knows..."

Travis shot the panther in the head, the bullet glowing a brilliant golden color, as Raven cuffed the man in red. The panther slowly faded, starting at it's paws and tail. It looks digitized almost, like the beast's body was turning into a grid and then crumbling. The young woman's eyes were closed, her hands glowing as the panther faded.

And the silver haired girl? She's another mystery. We don't know her real name, or anything about her. She showed up with Travis and goes by the name Kari. She's not human, but I can't tell you anything else. She is extremely skilled with magic and is able to speak to Animus. She doesn't help with cases very much and only gets involved when there is an Animus, or the possibility of one being involved. She is rarely away from Travis and seems to require his presence to operate, needing him nearby on an almost mental and physical level.

Travis bowed his head as the creature vanished completely and the turned to the girls behind him. "Let's head home," he ordered and then turned to the crowd. "Get back to your lives!" He snapped and took the silver haired girl by the elbow. He closed his eyes and rolled his shoulders. Massive black wings snapped from his shoulder blades, feathers scattering on the wind. He hugged the girl and took off into the air.

Oh yea, and Travis is some kind of half-angel creature.

Haley sighed and helped raven lift up the man in red. "It's always sad to kill them..." She told Raven, who nodded.

"Our job is sad, Haley. Someone's gotta do it, though. Come on, let's get back. Michelle is gonna yell at us for the glass." Raven said, pushing the now half-conscious man forward.

My name is Haley Elizabeth Blackburd and I am part of the a special group of people who take one jobs no one else can-or wants to-do. We specialize in magic cases. We are detectives, cops, and attorneys.

Almost a century ago, a war wiped out the western half of the country and left a space now called the Outlands. Later, there was a civil war between the South and the North, much like a war called the Civil war, back in the 1800s, I believe. Anyway, the North and South had a big fallout, and the South lost (again). Parts of the South were so ravaged that no one could live there anymore. Rebels joined this war as well, splitting their alliances between North and South. While the country was being burned by the fires of war, the magical society came forward even more and began to settle in towns that soldiers had left. They figured we would annihilate ourselves and just waited for the war to end. Despite the war, there were actually few casualties, despite the parts of the South being uninhabitable. The government decided a special group would be needed to deal with the magical society, now a part of everyday life. We are considered M-SWAT, meaning Magic-Special Weapons and Tactics.

Our job is thought to be plain and simple, save the innocent and catch the bad guys. Sometimes the line blurs. Sometimes we have to make decisions that we don't necessarily like.

Someone has to do it, though, and we are the best at what we do.

I'm Haley Blackburd, and these are our casefiles.

I feel like this is extremely crappy. This is kind of an alternate route with my Outlanders timeline. Let me know what you guys think? Next chapter will have more information about everything.