This is for anyone who's been on the receiving end of idiots who don't sign in when they flame because they're frightened of the backlash. (I'm not talking deliberate trolls, I'm talking those jerks with a grudge.) My parents raised me to have manners, believe it or not ;p

Anonymous Flamers

Anonymous flamers, far and wide,

Give us your names. You got something to hide?

You think you're so brave, but oh, it's so lame

To be all upfront while withholding your name.

Your words become shallow, they mean not a thing,

They just prick our butts

Like a mosquito sting.

And what do we do with mosquitoes, pray tell?

We kill them, and tell them to all go to hell.

Now, you're probably sitting there wearing a smile,

To think you scored points with your cowardly bile!

But no, you're afraid to say who you are,

'cause you know what we're like-

So run fast, and run far.