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Blue Eyes and Dimpled Smiles

Blue eyes and dimpled smiles.

That's all he can remember since he last saw her six years ago.

Blue eyes and dimpled smiles.

He wants to see them again. He wants to see them so bad, so he imagines. He imagines how she would look now, she would be eighteen, preparing foe collage. He imagines her favorite music, movies, books… He thinks she would cry while watching a 'sappy love story' and laugh at something ridiculous.

Then he imagines her touches, feather light across his skin and so gentle and loving. But most importantly, he imagines her kisses. He imagines how her lips would feel against his, how she would taste, how she would respond…

And then he shakes himself. He hadn't seen his cousins' friend in six years and he only met her once. He remembered how pretty she was, at twelve, he can only imagine how beautiful she would be now.


Yeah, that was her name, Katie. He laughs to himself how he almost forgot her name. His friends laughed at him for it, falling in love at fourteen and never really moving on. Yeah… he was pathetic like that.

And his cousin, Rachel, oh how he hated that little liar. She promised she would bring Katie over again and yet, she never did.

"David!" someone called him.

'Oh, yeah… the gig… I almost forgot.' He smiled and looked at Simon, his friend and translator.

He was in Munich, and he really didn't know any German, so really, Simon was his new best friend.

"Come on, man, we can't have the boss man wait." Simon told him.

"Alright, I'm coming, man." David said as he stood up.

He picked up his guitar and left the small room he was in. Once he was out the door in a small hallway he turned to go to the backstage when Simon called out to him.

"Are you coming to the after party? There'll be a lot of chicks, and you know they dig guitarists." He informed his friend.

"No thanks, Simon. I'll just go to the hotel, I've got another gig tomorrow and I want to rest." David answered his longtime friend and went to the backstage.

True to his word, after the café closed, Davis went to his hotel room and fell asleep a lot sooner than he thought and he dreamed of blue eyes and dimpled smiles.

It was nearing August. David was tuning his guitar at the park getting quite a few glances from the passer-byes.

He was thinking, he was in Munich for almost a month now and it was time to go back, yet his mind always stayed firmly on one thing alone- her.

He started playing some melancholic melody or another; it really, somehow, reflected his mood. And then he looked up, green met blue, and his heart did a little jig after his stomach flopped itself when she smiled.

Blue eyes and a dimpled smile.

He smiled to her, the goofy smile he knew he smiled when she was around and he was trying to make himself look important. And she shook her head and kept smiling. She dropped a bill in his guitar case and walked away.

He saw her turn to look at him before she disappeared. He looked in his case and he noticed a card under the bill she just dropped. At that he smiled like an idiot. He'll definitely see her again, this time. Take that, Rachel and Carly!

Blue eyes and dimpled smiles, he won't only be remembering them, he'll be watching them too. Yup, definitely worth it. He took the card out and dialed her number, he really couldn't wait, and he's too impatient for it.

For blue eyes and dimpled smiles.