I know my followers have been a long time for Part II. Sorry I took so long. I was juggling a lot during November. Drum roll, please? I now present you Shay Part II.

"So, who is the unlucky soul?" I ask with my nerves shaking.

Shade has already teleported to a city. We are now walking down the hallway, looking for my target's apartment. Shade is the boss; I'm the assistant, meaning I do all the dirty work. Shade can do all I can do plus more; however, she is the head ruler, a queen without a king, in the land of the Underworld; she doesn't have time to do everything. So, I and her other necromancers do them for her. Most of the time, I go to my missions by myself. This time, though, she has to be with me.

"His name is Eliot," Shade answers.

"Why do I have to be here?" I ask another question. "You can do this by yourself."

"The psyche isn't for me. It's for you."

Stopping dead in my tracks, I protest, "But I don't want it."

She answers with anger in her voice, "I don't care. I am the queen, and you will obey me." Letting out a breath to cool down, she adds as she runs her fingers through her hair, "Besides, you've never done this before; you need to learn. You may have to do this one day."

I turn away from her, afraid to be scorn for the disgust look on my face. So I release my anger out on the wall as I brush my skeleton hand against it. My eyes illuminate and my silver skeleton hand with embedded diamonds alight as well. The wall rots with each passing moment I stroke it. The pea green paint, which is an ugly color by the way, fades and soon reveals the decaying plasterboard.

A few minutes later we reach a door with a silver door number 16D. My eyes and metal hand return to normal when we stop. A small but wicked smile that hides a dark intention forms on Shade's face. Then she dares let out a chuckle.

"Ah," says she, "here we are." She looks at me. "Ready?"

"No but then I don't have a choice." I rub my lips. "So, how are we going to do this?"

"With our hands," she replies. The smart aleck's hand reaches and knocks on the door.

"Coming," the occupant says.

Then Shade spins and disappears, leaving something that resembles smoke but odorless. It starts out black then fades to grey until it fully evaporates. After her departure, terror starts to surge within me. I never took a psyche before. I've heard about it but was afraid to commit such a dark act. I would run away from this if I could if I wasn't too scared of what Shade would do to me.

Shade is the watcher of life, looking after the cycle of life. She knows everything about you before you are born. Shade sees your birth, death, and all in between. The knowledge of your name, favorite color, your children, and everything else resides in her. She can make you fall in love then break your heart. And when your life comes to a close, Shade will send one of her necromancers to guide you to afterlife in the Underworld.

But take heed, Shade has a dangerous temper. It is best if you do not anger her. If she can steal a psyche, she can do worse to you.

Soon the door opens. A man in his mid-twenties stares at me with those dark brown eyes that are painted in curiosity of who would seek him. He has olive colored skin.

"Hello," says he.

"Um…hi," I say nervously. "You're Eliot, right?"

"Yeah," he answers slowly.

I stretch out my hand. "I'm Shay."

He is about to shake my hand when he looks at my skeleton hand. His head snaps to me. He says with narrow eyes, "You're one of us."

For a moment I don't know what he meant by "us" until I see his right hand. Eliot owns a sliver hand like mine. I gasp. He is one of Shade's necromancers.

Without wasting a minute, he swings his arm. A sword forms as if it comes from the power of the metal hand. I'm amazed since my skeleton hand can't do that. How come his has the ability and mine doesn't?

He opens his mouth to speak but black then grey smoke appears along with Shade. She clutches her hand like she is squeezing something. At the same time, Eliot hollers. His sword hides back in the source of his power. Shade lifts him in the air then slams him to the wall behind her. His palms stay put on the wall. My ears hurt as his yells grow louder.

Tears break free from my eyes. I was not meant for this. Evil, dark arts, and torture should never have been in the design of my destiny.

"What are you doing to him?" I yell over him.

"I'm crushing his heart!" she answers. "Now, place your fingertips over his heart and absorb his psyche!"

"No, I will not!"

"Do it!"


She turns to face me, and I scream in horror. Her skin is now a black color like a corpse. But that isn't the scariest. It's her eyes; well, the absent of them actually. Her eyeballs are gone, leaving two big hollow eye sockets that show nothing but darkness. Even a maggot crawls out of the sockets.

"DO IT NOW! Or I will take BOTH of yours!"

I cower from the volume of her voice. My cries evolve into loud sobs. Taking small steps, I walk to Eliot. His face twists in agony, and his eyes are painted the color of sadness. Somehow I feel that he knows I never wanted to do this; that I care about other people. For those reasons, I have his sympathy. He is thriving in pain; I shall free him from it, even though I will hate myself after this is over and done with.

Standing before him, I say, "I'm sorry." I place my fingertips over his heart. My skeleton hand and my eyes brighten. "Emucer!"

I absorb his soul. His psych moves like pink, blue, and purple liquid into my metal hand. The veins near his heart light up in those colors, and they illumine my hand. We both feel the hands of pain squeezing us. It takes a minute for me to steal his soul.

His body goes limp. I almost drop to the floor in exhaustion but manage to catch myself. Shade, returning to her normal and evil self, releases whatever she had over him. He is the one who lands on the floor. Shade walks to me and pats me on the back like I did a good job. I don't see why because I killed him.

I shudder out a breath. I. Killed. Him.

I feel like sitting in a corner, shrivel, and die. I did an evil deed and will forever live with the guilt of what I've done.

"Congratulations, Shay," she says.

Wiping my tears on the sleeve of my hoodie, I ask, "Why did you made me do this?"

"It was your time to achieve a higher rank."

I look at her. "Rank? We have ranks?"

She nods. "Yes, and the higher you are, the more abilities you'll have and become more powerful. By taking Eliot's soul, you possess his soul-bound weapon, your own weapon, and a power called Grim Reaper Physiology. Basically, you have the powers of the Grim Reaper."

Looking at him, I ask, "I know you cannot give up one of your necromancers without having a replacement. So, who is taking his place?"

Shade looks at his former skeleton hand. "I have someone in mind."

My sights rest on her. "Why did you choose him?"

She stares into my eyes, unwavering. "He was thinking about defying me." She takes a step toward me. "If you ever think about rebelling against me, I can do something much horrible than this to you or someone you care about. I can even hurt that pretty boy. What's his name again? Oh, that's right. It's Tate."

I straighten my posture at the sound of his name.

"You care about him," she adds.

"Don't hurt him."

"Then continue following my orders, don't act against me, and the both of you will be fine."

I'm not taking her word for it. I don't trust her at all. Even though she takes the throne of life after death, doesn't mean she tells the truth.

I take a glance of Eliot one last time. I cannot let this happen to Tate. I will continue to be something I hate to keep the both of us alive.