"Why didn't you save me?"

My hands felt desperately behind me for the cold surface of the wall as I cowered slowly backwards, needing to get away from the demonic voice that followed me closely. It echoed in the darkness, slamming into my small, fragile form.

All around me loomed the shadows that suffocated me, hiding the creatures that ached to devour my fear. Their shuffles, muffled slightly by the screams in the distance, continued to change direction, coming ever so closer.

"Why didn't you do anything?"

My heart beat rapidly within my ribcage. My body refused to cooperate with anything I wanted it to do.

Before me, a ghost of a young girl floated into view. Her long golden hair was sprawled outwards in the air, floating about her head as if she had been submerged into water. Blood covered her body and silently dripped from her outstretched fingers and her hanging legs. A thin fabric dress covered her transparent body, a ripped cardigan lying over her shoulders.

She watched me with cold and lifeless black eyes as a sly smirk grew on her white lips.

"You watched me die."

I opened my mouth, all the words of an argument for my innocence ready, but they didn't come out.

"You watched them kill me."

The memories flooded my mind, driving into my head like a burning knife. I wanted to open my mouth and scream out my terror, scream until my throat was dry and my tongue could taste blood, but it seemed not even that could pass my lips.

"You wanted me dead."

I shook my head quickly. No, it wasn't my fault, no, no, no. I didn't want her dead. I didn't want it to happen. I was sorry. But it wasn't my fault. I didn't!

"You set them on me."

No! Please, believe me! Hear me and understand! I didn't do it!

"My death… You wanted it, and it's your fault, Kiega."

It's not my fault!

I sprung up in a fit of fear and sweat, my breathing ragged and deep. My hands grasped around for something familiar, anything familiar. The cold thin sheets of the bed greeted my touch and the reality of my life returned.

I switched on the bedside light and saw the blinding whiteness of the room, with the four same walls, the white door locked from the outside, the window that looked into the scientists' observation room. Two of them stood on the other side, staring at me while holding their clipboards, nodding occasionally and taking notes.

I sighed and shuddered, then lay my head in my hands. With my mouth gaping, I tried to speak again, like I had done in my dream, but as it was then, I still couldn't speak now. I hadn't been able to speak for five years, since I was fourteen – not since I witnessed a girl's death.

I was blamed for her death, of course, having been there. When there hadn't been any evidence of anyone else being there, they deemed me insane because of my inability to speak and my odd behaviour and took me away. Here, I could be watched and monitored every second of my life. It was like I was an experiment, but really I was here for the safety of others. They feared me because I saw something they didn't have the answer to. Just because I locked away my words, they thought I was something to be kept hidden away and that I was a danger to others.

Here I was, back at the mental house, all because of a minute mistake I took.

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