Yuripedia: Kannazuki No Miko aka Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

Yuri Rating: Five. Canon yuri, yuri centric plot.

Kannazuki No Miko is the story of Chikane and Himeko's friendship, which gradually deepens into love... oh, and giant robots fighting each other.


In yuri fandom Kannazuki No Miko is one of those titles that you either love or hate, generally speaking. There are basically two plots in the series that dovetail somewhat, the yuri love story and the attacks of the Orochi who use their mechs to target the heroines and are opposed by the male lead, Soma.

When I watched Kannazuki No Miko originally I rather wished the mecha/monster story could have been just cut out, and to be honest I STILL feel that way. The romance plot pretty much works as a stand alone, and would make a interesting show.

Overall I'd give the series a six out of ten. Good romance, mostly, but the Orochi plot isn't all that good honestly.