Yuripedia: Sasameki Koto

Yuri Rating: Five. Yuri focused series with two yuri couples as the primary focus.

Format: Manga and thirteen episode Anime series.

Sasameki Koto is a romantic comedy/drama, focusing on Sumika Murasame and Ushio Kazama. Sumika secretly has a crush on her best friend Ushio, who is ALSO into girls. So everything should be fine, right? Sadly Sumika is tall, dark and bishoujo, and Ushio likes cute dojiko types. Oops. So sit back and watch the comedy and angst unfold.

I really, really like Sasameki Koto and I strongly recommend it. In addition to the charming leads it has a good cast, with a awesome yuri couple who kind of 'mentor' Sumika. It's also a much more realistic slice of life series than some titles, with homophobia being a issue and there actually being guys in the cast.

I was not as happy with the anime series, though it IS quite good. The anime decided to do a very exact adaption of the manga, which was good, but because the manga is rather drawn out there was no resolution for the anime. So the anime just kind of... trails off. Still, it's a good watch and will make you want to go read the manga to find out what happens.