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The sun was slowly rising, as the early morning settled in. The sky was painted in the red and golden colors of the morning, the temperature slowly rising. It was a peaceful morning in the suburban town of New Etherington, Louisiana. The birds were singing, it was late summer, the flowers and trees were in there full bloom…but then, there was also the fact that after having slept in for the better of 3 month waking up at 7 in the morning wasn't that easy a task. It was the first day of the last year in high school after all.

So, it were tired, steely blue eyes slowly blinking open when the alarm clock started to blare, waking Robin Clarks. The 17 year old teen, albeit reluctantly, got up, making her way groggily towards her bathroom, starting her morning chores.

Robin was your average teenage girl in many ways. She loved music; although playing guitar and doing the background vocals in the band she was in with her four best friends, who were all boys, wouldn't necessarily count as something an average teen would do. She had her rebellious streak, expressing it with a lip ring on the left corner of her lower lip, three piercings on each ear and two tattoos; one being a floral foot tattoo and one being the name of her 10 years old brother, Joshua, on her right lower rips. There also was her slightly tomboyish streak. She didn't like girly romantic movies or novels, nor did she like wearing dresses and nor did she like those teen stars like the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber. But she did like to go shopping, try out new make up or getting her hair done. Robin was a girl with many facets.

She was raised in a liberal home, with her parents being easy going on her. They told her what was wrong and what was right, but other than that left her free hand in her live. As long as she didn't sleep around, did drugs and mingled with the wrong people, they were proud of their daughter.

And Robin lived her life the way her parents expected her to. She didn't drink, nor did she smoke- let alone doing the hard stuff. She kept her circle of friends small, but those that were in said circle were friends whom she would trust with her life. Unlike many other girls of her age, she didn't even have had a boyfriend yet.

The reason she never had had a boyfriend though was because of one huge secret she had successfully kept from every single person since she came to terms with one huge aspect of her life:

Robin was homosexual.

Still half asleep, Robin made her way downstairs into the kitchen, already smelling the pleasant scent of freshly brewed coffee. Combing her fingers through her chin length black hair, her rather petite frame made its way now eagerly through the kitchen door. Her mother, Stephanie Clarks, had already made breakfast and was now handing Robin her filled cup. Thanking her mother she took a sip of the hot liquid, humming in delight as she sat down, giving her brother, who was sitting next to her, a peck on the cheek in the process.

"Morning, dad." Robin greeted her father, who was wolfing down his breakfast, having overslept a little. Derek Clarks was an attorney, working at the local office of the district attorney.

Washing the rest of his breakfast down with his coffee, he quickly went to his daughter and gave her a sloppy good morning kiss on her cheek. "Good morning sweets, no time, am late, gotta go, have fun at school!" Rushing towards his wife, he gave her a goodbye-kiss and left for work.

"Bye, dad!" Joshua waved goodbye to his father.

"Ugh, why does he always have to do that?" Robin grimaced as she wiped her cheek with a hand. She hated it, when her Derek gave her those sloppy kisses on her cheek.

"Because of your reaction. And because he can." Stephanie smirked at her daughter. "Today starts your last year of high school. You grew up so fast." She added, sighing wistfully.

Robin could only groan at that. "I am so not looking forward to that! Last high school year always means drama. I hate drama!"

Stephanie and little Joshua could only giggle at that- well, Joshua giggled because his mother did.

Ear-phones in place, Robin made her way towards school, her hands in the pockets of her checkered styled shorts. She really didn't look forward to her last high school year, with the girls going ballistic in finding a date for the prom, the final exams and all that stuff. She just wanted to get through this year without being part of that drama, without being found out about her sexuality. Only one more year.

After the final exams, she wanted to break the news on her friends, who also were her band members, and her parents. She was pretty sure, that they all would be pretty much cool about her being gay, but could she really be blamed about still being really nervous and afraid of being rejected by the persons she loved so much? After so many years and so many celebrities being openly homosexual, being gay was still being treated like a disease and many children still got disowned by their parents after dropping the bomb.

Reaching the school, Robin looked around, hoping to find "her boys", as she referred to them. There was her best friend, her big brother (even though he was technically a couple months younger than her): Robert Williams, or Bobby. She barely reached his shoulder and he never ceased to remind her of her- even for a girl- rather petite build. He had a handsome face, with kind brown eyes and dark brown hair, which was rather messy. He was the lead vocalist and the lead guitarist in their band.

Then, there also was their drummer, Nikolas Swetlasz, also called Nick, who was of Polish heritage. He was broadly built, nearly as tall as Bobby, had shoulder length blond hair and bright brown eyes. He was the laziest of them and a video game junky and was always discussing his newest achievements on his xBox 360 with Robin since she owned one too.

Their bassist, Michael Meyers, was of average height, had usually spiky black hair and dark green eyes. He was more of an introvert and always a little serious.

The last band member and friend was Oscar Campillo. He was of Mexican heritage and played the keyboard. In addition to that he also was responsible for all the necessary electronics that needed to be taken care of when they played live.

Making her way towards the front gate she finally spotted the group of friends and eagerly sped up a little. Waving frantically she called out. "Yo, guys!"

Turning around, Bobby was the first to greet back. "Hey Robin, finally here too?"

Going through the routine greeting hug, she took her spot next to Bobby. "So, what were you guys up to during the last month?"

Nick beat the others to a reply. "I was finally able to beat Mass Effect 3!"

While the other boys groaned, Robin's eyes grew wide in excitement. "No shit! How was it? No spoilers!"

Bobby and Robin took their seats in the back, like they always did in biology class. They really hated biology and their teacher, Mr. Ralph Grant was…difficult to deal with, when you disliked his classes.

Taking out her notepad, Robin scanned through the papers until she found what she was looking for. Taking out her pencil she scribbled down a few notes, crossed out a few words and sentences, added new ones until Bobby gave in to his curiosity.

"What are you doing?" He asked while leaning over, trying to take a peek. Robin would have none of it.

"I'm working on a new song, but you can't look." She answered, covering the paper as good as she could.

"Really? Why can't I look?" He tried to reach over, but Robin now held the notebook out of his reach.

"Bobby, stop it, I said n-"

"Now, if Ms. Clarks and Mr. Williams would stop with…whatever they are doing…" Their Biology teacher gave them a cross look, "we can start with our class. Now-"

Annoyed, Mr. Grant glared at the door, as if hoping to burn the person, who interrupted him by knocking at the door, alive. "Yes?"

Opening the door, a girl with shoulder length brown hair, amazingly bright brown eyes, slightly pale skin and a nervous look on her face stepped in. Robin guessed that she probably was a little taller than her but still pretty short. Maybe 5'35''. The girl wore a long sleeved thin shirt, the sleeve reaching to the middle of the palm of her hands. She also wore black, slightly loose fitting pants and a pair of low top black sneakers.

All in all, Robin simply found her breathtaking.