In the year 2090, humanity begins to contemplate their survival as a race. Resources are wearing thin and the world's population has reached 9 billion. Scientists immediately begin studying colonization on faraway planets and moons. All others brush away the inevitable truth.

2101, a billion-dollar company named works with the ISO [International Space Organization] by launching a highly advanced shuttle to the moon. The revered ship was full of scientists, astronauts and supplies. They were going to colonize the moon.

2104, the Moon was prepared and ready for colonization. The astronauts had built a huge dome where all humans could live. But unfortunately, the travels and supplies for the dome were extremely expensive. The home required air and constant food. But then, almost like a gift from god, scientists discovered several undamaged asteroids around the moon and orbiting Earth. The scientists immediately began to mine the precious ores within the asteroids and sell them for millions. and the ISO were finally able to finance the colonization.

2120, the Earth is failing but the Space companies are thriving. Many advanced ships have been built. However, the Moon is not able to hold the rest of Earth's population. The Moon also does not have proper Earth supplies to fit the peoples needs. The Russian tier of the ISO sends out a brand new starship to colonize Mars while gets ambitious and sends out a ship to explore a newly discovered planet believed to be similar to Earth. The journey would take 25 years.

2145, technology grows even greater and Earth is nearly wiped out of resources. Humanity is desperate. Mars is inhabited but the ship lost contact halfway through. The ISO is now able to transport astronauts all over the Solar System. The ISO sends out several ships to find the ship and colonize other planets. Smaller ships start to colonize small moons.

2165, all far-distance ISO ships lost contact, believed to be destroyed. Alien intervention is suspected. Fearing the unknown threat, the whole world's military bands together to create a fleet of space battle cruisers and weapons. 6 months later, an alien species called "the Feared" are discovered. They seemed to be smaller and less technologically advanced. Foolishly, the human battle fleet decimated the smaller enemy. Thinking they had destroyed all threats, they pushed forth, colonizing many more planets. In 2192, Earth is finally deemed useless. The population slowly decreases as the old inhabitants move to the new colonies. The Earth was now considered a mere tourist attraction. The Feared are forgotten and considered to be eradicated.

2204, after nearly 40 years of peace, the Feared finally returned. Even with the human's amazing advances, they were no match for a fully armed and highly more advanced invasion force. Colony after colony was destroyed with horrifying force and speed. For every Feared ship destroyed it seemed ten others would take it's place. For every victory the wounded fleets retreated farther and farther. Eventually, only capital planets remained. Soon, many of those were destroyed as well. Until, abruptly, it all stopped... the Feared pulled out, leaving the humans to sort out the carnage themselves. The military regrouped on moon Ferin-7 while all surviving capitals and factions tried to repair the destruction caused.

Humanity's New Dawn could very well be it's downfall...

This is our Story...

This is the End...