My broken dreams on a shattered sky,
my eyes get red from the tears i cry.
I cry for what my life used to men,
for all that was and could have been.
The heart in my chest has long since died,
battered from every time they lied.
Those who said it would get better,
as i remember my eyes get wetter.
All the pain I've kept inside,
all I've tried so hard to hide,
they leap out at me and catch me by surprise,
so I've made up my mind I've opened my mind.
This burden is too much to bear,
when i have no one not a soul to care.
So please read this my last words to the world,
i know i don't matter i'm just one girl,
but when next you meet someone like me a broken soul,
please try hard to make them whole,
because maybe its too late for me,
but not for them please make them see.
Now enough of the sad words and stupid goodbyes,
i'm going away from all the lies,
i don't believe in hell but ill see when i see,
goodbye cruel world I've gone to be free.