The beginning of fall. 2012, October the first. Dex Conner was messing with his camera again. He wanted it to be set right for tonight. It was the day of Bobbie's performance. Bobbie is his step sister. She landed the lead role in a play called "David and Lisa". She was Lisa. The play rehearsals began in August and its been eating Bobbie alive to actually preform it in from f a live audience. She was ready but a bit nervous.

Bobbie was dressed in jeans and a v neck t shirt when she walked out to speak to Dex.

"Put the darn thing down." She says coming up behind him and smacking his head.

Dex muttered some profanities before answering her. "Its not right. I think the focus it messed up." He quickly turns to look at her with daggers. " Did you mess with it?"

Bobbie rolls her eyes. She goes to the kitchen and grabs a bottle water from the fridge. "I didn't touch your stupid camera." She grabs her purse and keys. " Im heading out early. Last minute changes. See you later!" She says before going out the door.

" Bye." Dex says before going back to his device.

Bobbie smirks before leaving Dex. Once out of the apartment building she hailed a taxi,hopped in and gave the driver the address to the theatre. It was a got couple of minutes before getting to the old building.

Bobbie paid the driver and hopped out , hurrying threw the door. She greets the security guard that she became friends with over the past two months.

When she went inside the theatre and saw the stage her heart skipped a beat. She would e performing tonight i front of a lot of people. She was nervous. He has shook as he made her way to the cast and crew who were already on the stage warming up.

They greet her quickly then resume back to warm up. Bobbie joins them after she catches up with the warm ups.

Nancy Munoz sits in her couch watching tv. Her girlfriend for a year talking her ears off about what to wear for Bobbies show tonight.

" You look good in anything you wear,baby." Nancy says when her girlfriend takes a pause to breathe.

Jojo stands in front of the tv with her hands on her hips. Nancy rolls her eyes before meeting Jojo's.

" What do you think?" Jojo asks.

Nancy grazes her eyes down her girlfriends body. She wore a white tank top with a black cardigan and a flowy blue skirt. On her feet were black boots. Nancy thought she was looked delicious. She gets up from the couch grabs Jojo by the hips and pulls her against herself.

"Baby you look great." Nancy whispers before lightly kissing her lips.

Jojo smiles at Nancy when they broke apart. "Good. So do you, sugar."

Their lips meet again.

Max and Tina were still in bed when a loud bang came from the front door. Naturally Max got up to answer it. He slipped on his jeans and t shirt before hurrying to the door.

He looks threw the peep hole and sees Dex with his camera around his neck. He swings the door open and pulls Dex into a hug.

" Dex when did you get back?" Max ask after letting the man breathe and letting him in to the tiny yet livable apartment.

" Just last night. Where's Little bit?" He asks, using the nickname for the 4'8 women.

" Right here." She says coming out of the bed room dressed in black jeans, white tank top and a tan blazer. She gives Dex a hug and kiss on the cheek. " How was the movie?" She ask going to the kitchen and putting on some water for coffee.

" It was stressful. The director was nice, but there was so much to remember. I even got i shot a few scenes." He says before shrugging off his coat and plopping on the couch. Max follows him.

" Thats great. They make to the actual movie?"

Max knew that some scenes got cut hint the deleted scenes.

" I hope so. He said he liked them." Dex shrugs.

There was another knock at the door. It was probably Nancy and Jojo. Tina swings the door open and squeals when she sees Jojo. She hugs Jojo then Nancy then lets them in.

Jojo goes to the kitchen with Tina while Nancy goes with the boys in front of the tv.

"Girl that skirt looks great on you! Told you!" Tina says bumping her hip with Jojo playfully.

She smiles. " Thanks. I'm so glad I got it. Nancy seems to like it." She says before stealing a glance at her girlfriend who was currently giving Dex a nuggie. She shakes her head.

"How couldn't she?" Tina winks before stirring up her coffee and sipping it.

"Quit it, Nancy" Dex whines.

She rolls her eyes but stops. "Oh, poor baby." She playfully pouts.

Dex huffs but makes his way to the bathroom to fix his unruly brown hair. Max just shakes his head,smiling.

Max glances back at Tina and Jojo who were now in deep conversation. He wasn't going to take any chances. Once Dex was happy with his hair Max grabbed Nancy and Dex by the arm heading to the door.

"Well be on the roof." He shouts to Tina and Jojo, ignoring the confused expressions on Dex and Nancy. The get to the roof and Nancy is the first to speak.

"What was that?" She says annoyed that he wrinkled her jacket. She tried to flatten it out but it didn't work out to well.

"Yeah, is there something going on?" Dex asks concerned.

Max smiles. "No." Shaking his head " Everything is great. I want to show you something." He says reaching into his pocket.

Nancy rolls her eyes, annoyed that this couldn't have been dealt downstairs.

Max pulls out a black velvet box.

"No he didn't." Nancy gasps.

Max opens it and shows them the diamond ring.

"Yes he did." Dex says staring at the ring them at Max. He smiles widely. "You're gonna do it tonight?"

"I don't know. It suppose to be Bobbies' night." Max says, uncertain.

"She won't mind." Dex says quickly.

"Yeah she won't. If anything she'll be ecstatic that it's going to be an even more memorable night." Nancy chimes in, smirking.

Max ponders it for a moment then nods determined. "I'll do it."

Just then Tina's voice was behind Nancy and Dex. Max hastily puts the box back in his pants pocket.

"Hey come on. We are leaving early." She says.

" Coming" all three of them says in unison. The file into the building not giving Tina a glance. Tina thought it was weird, but he didn't press it. Nor did she care. She just wanted to she Bobbies show.