Roseanne and I were getting as "along" as we could get. Her and I were total opposites. I've learnt over the days that she wasn't afraid to do anything as long as it didn't involve herself getting hurt, that her Emo-oh excuse me, Emotionally Unstable-cousin goes to this school. They look alike but, their personalities couldn't be anymore different. Teressa, is afraid of what people will think of her and often needs a motivational speech. Yeah, thank goodness I've never been the one to give the pep talk. I would probably make her feel worse.

I was walking down the halls and saw Teressa, I waved as it was the polite-I-don't want-to-upset-an-"Emotionally"-"Unstable"-person thing to do. She looked down in the dumps. Well, downer in the dumps. I walked up to her as I saw the problem quickly approaching. The so called Cheerleaders.

They grinned at Teressa wickedly as they walked by and she seemed to have gone farther down in the dumps as they did so. "Yo, Teressa! What's up?" I said as perky as I could.

"More like, what's down." She said closing her locker. The Cheerleaders snickered in their corner, which just happened to be right next to Teressa's locker.

"Well, uh, what's down?" I asked with a smile. She slammed her head against her locker.

"Everything." She muttered, walking away. I was thinking of what to say, but all that popped in my head was like a peppy British song telling her she's beautiful or something like that.

I was already unpopular, so what did I have to lose?

"You don't know you're beautiful!" I sang. It came out worse than I thought possible. Teressa turned around, her face as red as blood... or strawberries.

She mouthed, "I hate you!" but it didn't stop me. I sang the rest of the chorus. Big mistake.


Because passing time will end a little bit like this...

"You are such an idiot!" Tyrone said as he dunked my head in the toilet. Again. "You are just having fun being stupid aren't you?"

"Yeah I mean, who would sing a One Direction song in front of the cheerleaders. They're scarred for life, dude." Marshall said. Then he flipped his hair and said, "I'm Henry. Or, whatever his name is." He meant Harry. Wait, how do I know this?

And where, might you ask, is The Mad Hatter in all of this? Leaning against the stall, looking (as the girls put it) hawwt. He had this guilty look on his stupid perfect face, and his stupid perfect hair was flopping over his stupid perfect eyes. Stupid perfect Hogan.

"Kay guys, he's done. Get back to class." Tyrone and Marshall gave him a look, but Hogan gave them a better look. They left, but not before glaring at me.

"Thanks." I sputtered, spitting out water that had found its way into my mouth. I hoped that I didn't get some incurable disease from it. I got up and walked past Hogan. Well, I attempted to.

"Wait," He said, grabbing my forearm. What was he gonna do? "just... don't... be stupid again. I can't save your butt every time, idiot." I thought he was done, so I kept walking. But this guy just wouldn't give up. "I'm serious. That Roseanne girl is... trouble. I mean, what kind of non-troublesome girl would have that cool hair? I mean... uh..." What it just me, or was King Ryder actually lost for words? And admitting a crush? BONUS!

"Yeah, uh, okay. Thanks Kin- Hogan. Hogan." I left him in the bathroom. I was wondering what the Princess of Darkness would think about this. But then an image of just now popped into my mind. Hogan was the King. He could make them do things ten times worse than what they did already. His knight in shining armor personality could just be an act. I didn't want to risk anything so I promised myself not to tell a soul.

Later that day I saw Teressa sitting in a children's playground on my way home. She was rocking in the wind on a swing. It was like there was an invisible man pushing her, and she seemed happy. "Hey!" I exclaimed and her mask of gloom returned. She hopped off the swing and started walking away from me. I ran up to her, my long skinny legs working their magic. "What's down?" I asked her since it seemed more appropriate

"The Cheerleaders are gonna ruin my life now." She said looking down at her black flats. "Why did you break out into song?" She asked me looking at me with the tint of sadness in her eyes that made me shrink inside.

"Well, I suck at motivational speeches and that was the first thing that came to mind." I said she looked at me as if wanting more of an answer and looked down at her feet again.

"Plus, my little cousin is gonna mess things up even more. I can feel it." She was looking straight ahead now. "Plus, she said she had this "wicked" idea to prove to them that she can do anything they can do if she tries hard enough." I guessed that 'them' referred to the Kings and Queens of the school. What was she going to do?

"Louis, why do you even care about how I feel? It's because you think of Rose as a sister right?" I was stuck for words. I really didn't have a reason to care about Teresa and about how she felt but, I did. I couldn't say that what she guessed was true since I've only met Roseanne a mere five days ago but, I didn't have any other reason so, I nodded my head. Which seemed to upset her. "I-I-I get it." She said. She turned down a driveway that lead to a normal one story house that seemed to have a dark cloud over it. She opened the door, flicked her fingers in a goodbye, and entered the house. I walked the half mile to my own home wondering what she wanted me to say and what I should've said.

I didn't figure it out. The mind of the teenage girl was something I didn't understand and didn't want to understand.

As soon as I got home I got criticized. My dad said that I should try to be more man like and stand up to my persecutors as if I haven't tried. I tried once and they stepped on me like a bug. That's as far into detail as I want to get. When mom was still around she told me that if I ignored them they would leave me alone. That didn't really work either. I have no one in my life that can really get rid of my problems and help me.

I was the one feeling emotionally unstable. I locked myself in my room and did my homework. I found something in the mess. A letter. It was in a white envelope with the words,

To, Toothpick

Hate, Tyrone

I opened it and inside was a flyer.

Hello, girls!

It's that time of the year again! The annual Cheerleader Tryouts! Remember to try your best, and try try again! We need new girls this fall and want YOU to be rooting us on! Cheer Captain, MacKenzie Blackwood, will decide if you can put the "T" in "Team"! Remember anyone can be a cheerleader! Tryouts take place on Friday in the gymnasium.

-Coach Williams

There was a picture of MacKenzie herself and the rest of the cheer squad for Grover High underneath. I stared at the picture. Sure, they were evil little witches but they were HAWT and that was all that mattered. I flipped it over and there were some words.

Toothpick, you hear that they want U to join the cheersquad! We know that there's a tenage girl underneath all that pasty skin of yours so go and tryout! We know u want to. In fact I dare you or one of your nerdy freinds to try out and it they dont, I'll pummle u but if they do I'll pummel u. It's a win win situation. Break a leg! (Litterally)


At this moment I realized two things. 1) Tyrone has the handwriting of a girl and 2) Tyrone has the spelling and punctuation of a five year old. I wasn't going to try out. I have more dignity than that. And it didn't matter anyway, I was going to get beat either way, it was a lose- lose situation. I heard my dad yell my name. It was time for dinner.