I am sick and fed up with this garbage! The lies, deceit, and the pain it's all caused. I'm sick of it! I ready to give up! I finally let go and well look where I am! I am so finished, with everything and everyone. All my friends, well my used -to-be or so -called friends, I am done with. Even the ones I thought would never let me down or break me too bad have ripped me into a million pieces and left the broom for me. I have to pick myself up, put myself back together and do it all over again. Or I can just let the wind sweep me into a corner and forget everything. Right now I think I should. Or there's always plan c I could go with. I could pick myself up, put myself back together and never go back to any of those worthless loser-like creeps. I don't have to and I don't want to. And when they want to know what happened I'm sure there will be pieces of me I chose not to pick up swept up in a corner by the wind. Maybe they can figure it out. Or not, I don't even care! Watch, they probably won't care. I can't count on anyone anymore. Yea, sure I got my family but I cant talk to them about this! No way! All I have is myself. For now, it will have to be good enough! Maybe one day, when I am in charge, loud and proud, just somebody they want to know, they will figure out what happened. I wont have to answer them, but I will. They destroyed me, but I wasn't about to sit there, feeling bad for myself and depressed. Oh no, I picked up the pieces they left, left some on the floor, and got some new ones. Now, I am a new person. I don't care, I wont care, and when the want something back, well sucks for them because that just isn't happening. I am done, finished and I couldn't be happier! The garbage that they ALL put me through will haunt me for the rest of my life. But I will use it and get stronger so I can turn it around one day and let it haunt them. I might be lonely but I know how to live with that, and how to use it to my advantage. So watch, one day one of them is going need me. Well I just wont be there swept up in little pieces by the wind to help them. Oh no I am going be the one somewhere else far away almost feeling bad for them. But then I will remember that they did it to themselves and they did it to me. So, I just won't help. I wish them all luck, because they are going to need it. And guess what!? I am NOT!