The story is rated R for a reason. There are mentions of abuse and a brief (non graphic) mention of rape.

Where it all began...

The doctors unlocked the door to her cell cautiously, each of them ready for whatever they suspected would jump out at them. One of them had a tranquilizer gun ready-as if the thing inside was not human but an animal. To them she was a wild beast on a rampage, wanting nothing more than just to destroy and kill anything in her path. They nodded at each other and walked in.

Huddled up in the corner with her knees drawn up to her chest was a small girl, barely thirteen years old. She looked up at them with eyes devoid of life and emotion as an acknowledgement of their presence. She had long ago stopped trying to convince them she was innocent and given up on trying to escape. She had thrown herself repeatedly against the door to no avail, only further confirming their suspicion that she was insane.

They grabbed her arms roughly and forced her up, dragging her like a rag doll back to the treatment room even though she didn't lift a finger in protest. Like everything else she did, it was useless. Some strapped the restraints on various parts of her body as the others got the tools out of their heavy black bags filled with all sorts of torturous devices. As she closed her eyes while they pricked her body with needles, she replayed what really happened the night they locked her up...

May 19th, 9:45 PM

She walked into the washroom a quarter past midnight, her hands trembling as she gripped the knife harder in her right hand. The dim lights flickered around her as she turned the weapon slowly in the palm of her hand, wiping the cold sweat off her forehead. She walked up to the mirror, unscrewing a bottle of mascara and wrote, This was all too much for me to hand-

The applicator brush snapped off, smearing makeup all over the front of her ripped and tattered shirt. "Fuck," she mumbled, snatching a Sharpie off the sink's counter. She tossed the cap onto the remains of her carpet, continuing the message in thick block letters as she took a sip from the bottle of whiskey sitting on the lid of the toilet. Her father probably had left it there when he disappeared in here not too long ago.

Her father. She flinched anytime someone mentioned him. Ever since her mother has died eight years ago he had become an entirely different person. Instead of mourning her and trying to comfort his bewildered five year old daughter, he started drinking and gradually became abusive. He remarried to a person he met in a bar after what was supposed to be a one night stand.

"What in God's name are you doing?" a voice behind her growled, snapping her out of her daze. She dropped the bottle and marker, causing glass and whiskey to pour all over the floor, but managed to keep the knife in her right hand. The girl turned around and brought the knife down...right into none other her step mother's forearm.

The child's eyes widened and she dislodged the knife from the older woman's arm, backing up against the wall. The adult grabbed the girl's arm, forcing the child to stab her several times while screaming out. The younger female looked up at her bewildered as the neighbors ran into the house to see all the commotion. Her stepmother rambled tearfully about how her insane step daughter had been stabbing her and forcing her to write a suicide note on the mirror.

The girl was handcuffed and dragged to the asylum with police cars trailer behind the ambulance just to be sure she wouldn't escape. In the back of the ambulance she thrashed around as the doctors attempted to strap her down onto the stretcher. "But I didn't do anything!" she screamed in protest as they pinned her arms behind her back. "She made me stab her! I swear...please...please..."

They shook their emotionless faces at her and one of them pulled a needle out of the black bag, plunging it into her right forearm. She flinched as the needle pierced her flesh, the world slowly spinning faster and faster as it faded to black...

Monday,August 16th- 5:19 AM

She opened her eyes slowly, rubbing them with the heels of her hands as she sat up. The room felt almost suffocating in the dark, and her head swam and she stood up slowly. She moved over to the door and it beeped before swinging open to the dilapidated hallway. She ran her fingers through her tangled locks as she stumbled clumsily towards the cafeteria.

The rest of the patients stopped talking and looked at her as soon she walked in. Silence screamed where lively chatter was but a few seconds ago as they looked at undoubtedly the youngest patient in the institution. She knew she was the one all the doctors had warned them about. The crazy girl who stabbed her stepmother and tried to make it look like suicide.

She ducked her head as she walked over to the line, grabbing a tray and walking over to the seat near the back of the room. She looked at the barred window beside her, sighing quietly as she tore up the stale bread into little chunks before popping them into her mouth. So this is how my life is going to be like from now on, she thought gloomily to herself.Everyone's always going to see me as the psychotic girl that tried to stab her stepmother. Only I didn't do anything to her. Not like they'll believe that though. Always the has been locked up chick.

She downed the rest of the water, trying to ignore the looks and whispers people were directing towards her. I can't believe they let her in here she heard someone mutter as she walked by. That girl obviously has serious issues. No wonder they put her in a mental institution.

Her eyes filled with tears when she heard that and she turned around, slapping the woman across the face and dropping the tray. The woman let out a cry of pain as the other patients reached out to grab the girl before she started attacking her. "Lay off!" "Hey just chill out." "What's wrong with you?" "Someone, get the doctors!"

The doctors rushed towards her as she broke free from the grasps of the other patients, unable to grab her as she slipped through their grip and started running through the hallways. She needed to get out of there now before they locked her up for good. There was no way she was spending the rest of her life in that institution.

Sirens were blaring through the hallways as a voice yelled out over the loudspeaker. 'Patient 298634 has escaped. Long black-brown hair, 4'8", 80 pounds, pale skin, amber eyes. Secure all exits. Search the entire institution. Do not let her escape. I repeat, do not let her escape!"

She cringed as she ran faster through the intricate maze of hallways, nearly running into walls as her bare feet pounded on the cold floor. Her hair streamed behind her as she moved towards an even older part of the building, where the patients had been kept over a hundred years ago. The rafters were falling and chunks of the ceiling fell down at random moments, but there was an exit where she was sure no one would guard.

Her heart pounded in her head as she ran faster and faster, her calves and lungs beginning to ache from all the exertion. She decided to ignore the pain and pushed even harder, jumping over spaces where the floorboards had fallen out and avoiding shards of glass littering the floor from beakers and vials.

Her breath came in short, ragged gasps as she rounded the corner to the last hallways before the exit. She was almost out. Almost back to her life. She could just stay over at her friend's place. He probably would believe her story. well, she hoped he would anyways.

Three hallways left she thought to herself as she jumped over the broken remains of the chair. Three hallways and I'll be out of this hellhole. Anything has to be better than being locked up.

There were no footsteps behind her, because, as she had known, no one would even think of looking for her in the old sector of the building. If they did, they assumed she would probably just die on the way there anyways.

Idiots, she mused to herself as she ran through the last hallway, spotting the open door at the end of the hallway. I'll be free and you won't know I survived the tri-

She banged into something suddenly, the force knocking her onto her back. She moaned lowly and looked up, her eyes widening slightly as she saw one of the doctors towering over her.

He smirked down at her. "Well, well, well," he said in an amused tone. "What have we here?" He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her up so he was looking into her eyes. "Someone thought she could just escape?"

She whimpered from the pain shooting up her skull. "Please," she whispered hoarsely, her vision blurred by tears. "Just let me leave...I'll do anything...just please don't take me back there."

A lust filled look replaced his expression. "You know, I'll just take you up on that one," he said lowly, pulling her into a room nearby, tossing her onto the bed that patients used to lie on while the doctors preformed...whatever it is they needed to do for that specific patient.

'What are you-" she stopped abruptly when he forced his hand down on her windpipe, making her eyes bug out and her breathe in sharply. He relaxed his hand before he suffocated, looking down at her. "Shut up."

Ignoring her protests, he grabbed rusty cuffs off the counter and cuffed her arms to the bedpost the way doctors did so many centuries ago...only his reasons were different. He pulled off his jeans quickly and slipped off her clothing with ease, laughing cruelly at her screams for help.

"No one can hear you screaming," he muttered in her ear as he grabbed her waist and pulled it roughly to his. Screams echoed though the empty hallways- ones that, as he said, no one heard. His were filled with pleasure and ecstasy, while hers were filled with agony and pain. Every kick, every scratch, every bite and kick and any attempt to get him away from her only seemed to bring him more streamed down her face as he did what was wrong in every sense to her.

When he finally moved out of her, he pulled on his clothes, threw her own at her and uncuffed her. "You have five minutes starting now to get the hell out of here before you're stuck here for good. If you're gone by the end of those five minutes then I'll tell them that someone bailed you out and they aren't to look for you. Understand?" he spat at her as she quickly yanked on her hospital clothes.

She nodded, ignoring the pain between her legs as a result of what just happened and ran out the door as fast as her legs could carry her. She was long gone by the time five minutes were over.

Present day

She had recurring nightmares of what happened that night nearly three years ago. Every time she woke up screaming to an empty house. Her father out with her stepmother as usual. Nothing much had changed other than the fact that she was treated like dirt by both.

She rarely went to the doctor anymore. Because any time she walked into the clinic, even for routine check up, she could still feel his hands groping her sides as he growled lowly in her ear, "No one can hear you screaming."

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