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Warning: I guess some strong language and minor gore. Nothing extremely graphic :P

Genre: Lousy DX No uhhh...I tried for suspense/horror—ish...(?) Rarely do I succeed in any of those genre's ahaha

"Damn!" A gloved fist punched the ground. It's owner glared into the silhouetted forest with heated ice-blue eyes; teeth drawn together tightly. Her body was crouched down low, letting her shoulder length dark brown hair fall forward. Hastily, the girl stood to her feet, adjusting her small, tattered messenger bag. "God Damn you!" She yelled into the dark abyss. "Come and face me, coward!"

Sharp, high pitched growls were heard coming from the forest. A large beast with two rows of lizard-like-eyes and a body like a humans, but pieced together with veins and roots. Several horns were seen coming out of the monsters head, chest and legs, twisting every which way around his lithe frame. His long, worm-like tongue slithered out of his mouth, licking many rows of blood-tainted teeth. The beast thrust his chest to the air, screeching to the rounded moon. It clawed dirt covered claws towards the girl in front of him, making indescribable noises. "Luuuuna Hooraaatio!"

Luna smirked, eyes narrowing into tiny slits. "Ugly bastards like your self don't deserve to roam in a world like this." She tossed her chin upward in a taunting gesture, "heh...so much ugly...and stink." It was true. This beast reeked of rotten meat and shit.

A gloved hand reached for the messenger bag, but right before Luna could reach inside the mysterious bag, the monster outstretched his arm and caught the girl around the throat, bearing pointed nails into squishy flesh. "I'll make youuuuu EAT those words, CHILD!" His grip tightened slowly around her neck.

Luna's breath was suddenly caught in her throat. She desperately gasped, trying to gather at least a little amount of air. Survival was key and in order to do that, oxygen was needed and the grotesque being was doing a well enough job of depriving her of any of that. "Shiiit!" Luna hissed, grabbing at the monsters hand; her dulled nails barely digging into the vein textured body.

The beast cackled aloud, "foolish human!" A sadistic smile twisted his features. "These few moments shall be your last! No mortal dared to ever defeat me!"

Warm liquid traveled down along side Luna's neck and throat. She choked a cough and blood spurted from her mouth. A low groan soon replaced the cough and she dropped one of her hands to her side. Once intense eyes closed, trying to hold back the on coming unconsciousness. Luna's hand dug through her messenger bag and her fingers danced through a deck of cards. Come on...come on...just...need—ah!

"HUMAN!" The monster shook Luna viciously. "Have any final words before you join the rest of your mates?" All four of his eyes glared down at the helpless looking girl. He smiled in content as he felt her body go limp. "...guess no-"

Hushed laughter sounded from Luna and a manic smile crept onto her face. Her head shot up violently, wide psychotic eyes looked directly at the disgusting beast, the laugh still coming forth and shoulders lightly bouncing.

Two rows of eyes narrowed skeptically at the deranged girl. "What is so funny?!" He shook her back and forth, each times more panicked than the last. "ANSWER!"

Luna's head lowered itself, a catty smile on her lips. "Eight...of swords." She pulled her hand from her bag and a small card with a picture of a blind folded girl with eight silver swords surrounding her was pinched between her fore and middle fingers. "I command thee, the powers of the beyond," the card began to light up along with eight different orbs in the sky, "to serve me and kill whom wishes to stand in my way!"The orbs in the sky gracefully begin to transform into eight, brilliantly shiny swords.

The beast went silent as the swords appeared out of no where. "You! They warned me about a girl who can summon the Arcana! You—I never expected it would be...YOU!" It's hands uncoiled from around Luna's neck, nails popping out quickly from were they were imbedded. "No hard feelings, right?" He laughed nervously, taking a shaky step back.

As soon as the monster let go, Luna collapsed to the cold dirt ground. On hands and knee's, she looked up at the ugly beast, the swords jerking forward just enough to scare but not hit.

Four eyes widened and his whole body jumped in fright. "I...It was a joke?" The swords inched closer as he glanced around to each blade. God-Damn...He was surrounded by all eight. No angle was left unguarded. "L-lets not make any hasty decisions here! Your parents wouldn't want to hear that their child was going around killing things, now would they?"

Luna slowly cocked her head to the side, looking solemnly at the other. "You would be right," she tilted her head to the other side, "only if I had parents." The brunette raised her left hand to the sky, fingers spread wide. "Take a breath now for it will be your last!" She swung her hand down and the swords impaled the grotesque monster.

Dark coloured blood poured from the monsters wounds and he slowly fell to the ground; swords pulling out and quickly vaporizing. Luna snorted a laugh and closed her light blue eyes, falling onto the ground completely.

A card fell from her bag and it emitted a luminous yellow and blue light. A man with a long white bead and wooden staff appeared in front of Luna. The man shook his head in displeasure and worry.

"My dear child...you never cease to amaze me." The bearded man chuckled.

Luna turned her head to the side and she smiled. "What can I say, old man? I told you I can handle myself, did I not?" With a push of her arms, she hoisted herself up onto knee's, playfully glaring at the man.

The other sighed wholeheartedly, "why yes, I supposed you did, however," he waved his staff in front of Luna and a blue light engulfed her body, "you'll never survive without me or the other members of the Arcana around." The man smiled and rubbed his long beard as if in thought.

"Yeah, yeah..." the girl wagged her hand in dismissal. "But you guys wouldn't even exist without me!" A bright, triumphant grin spread across her features as she stood up all the way; the light having healed all battle wounds.

"Thanks, old man." Luna bent over to pick up the fallen Magicians card

The Magician nodded and began dissolving back into the card. "Take care Miss Horatio."

"Heh," Luna stared at the card she was holding for a few seconds before placing it back into her tattered bag. "Guess I should continue my way..." Luna sighed and adjusted her bag on her shoulder before walking in the opposite direct of the forest.


This was just a quick little story I wrote because I was bored...yay for boredom

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