Half past eight and I still hadn't found anything to wear. Not that it was news with me. I never seemed to find anything to wear until the last five seconds, at which time Taylor would usually get tired of roaming uselessly around my empty house and toss me the first thing he saw. Or at least that was what he claimed. I'm not stupid enough to believe that he simply takes hold of the nearest article of clothing in my room, whatever he throws at me always matches and looks good, and it definitely does not look as if he picked it randomly from my messy room.

Taylor is my best friend, and yes, he is a guy, and no, he is not gay. We have been best friends since I moved across the street from him at age five. Actually, the story of how we became acquaintances is pretty fun. He fell from a tree on top of me and scared me shitless, I hated him for about a minute until I realized that he had ruined the ridiculous dress my dad had forced me into, then my hate turned into steady, solid love, and it was his turn to be scared shitless. Taylor and I even dated for about a week when we were thirteen, and, as embarrassing as it may sound, we were each other's first kiss. It did not work. I actually love Taylor, really, he is the only guy I've ever loved, and I think I'll always love him, if just for the sake of the past, but I love him as a best friend and a brother, not as a boyfriend. Apparently he feels the same about me, though at thirteen we could not well discern between both kinds of love, it took us two days to realize that was not what we wanted, and about five days to break up with each other. He has been the only constant in my life for so much I'm sure I would die if I ever screwed up our friendship. It's the thing I cherish most in the world, what with my absent father and dead mother, the only person that's left is Taylor, besides the gang, still, my friendship with Taylor is much deeper than with any of the other boys.

I live practically alone; really, dad is too busy working to even bother to be at home for more than five minutes each morning. I am not what you would describe as daddy's princess, quite the opposite. Not that you'd blame me, not if you ever met my dad. He is a dick. He and my mom married really young. She was beautiful, he was rich, and they were in love, then I was born and she fell ill with cancer. Five years later she died and we moved over here to start again. I met Taylor and dad got caught up in his work, we sort of drifted apart, he dislikes me, and has often openly told me he wished I were more the stereotypical brainless rich girly girl, instead I am the tomboyish bohemian artist with a whole bunch of guy friends. A perfect disappointment to my dad, and a disgrace to my surname, oh well, not everyone can be perfect.

"Hey" Taylor sneaked behind me as I though on the sob story of my life. I jumped away from him before answering.

"You scared me" I said as I felt my heart restarting "So, have you yet decided what I am going to wear on this oh so special occasion?"

We were meeting the gang at a nearby pub called 'The bulldog' for celebrating their last victory. Taylor, Andrew, Brody and Patrick, my closest friends here, are the stars of our school's football team and the only members of the gang besides me. Taylor is their captain, though the real star is Patrick, the quarterback, Brody and Andrew are the next best players in the whole campus besides them. Usually the guys avoid drinking on Sundays given that Monday morning we should be early for school, Taylor and I avoid drinking entirely, we got drunk once and let me tell you, drinking is pretty overrated and totally not worth the hangover. Still, the guys had won a really important match, and we hadn't yet celebrated, at least not in the proper way. We had a reputation to keep up, you know. We were supposed to be the brainless popular crowd who partied every weekend. We were all far from brainless, still, we enjoyed going out, and some, like Patrick, enjoyed getting wasted. That does not mean that the only things we ever did were getting drunk and partying like mad, we were a tight group, and we hung out more during the day doing normal, legal stuff than in pubs and the like. Still, when you are the star of the football team, certain things are expected from you and no matter whether it is actually true or not, whatever you do rumor will twist it to fit into the stereotype.

"Glad you asked. Given how oh so special this occasion is for you" He started teasing me "you are dressing today as the gang's whore" Taylor concluded handing me a tight mini skirt and a low v neck shirt with a sly look.

"Dad bought that yesterday in the mistaken impression that I would love to prance around looking as if I had just sprung out from Jersey Shore" I said as I snatched the shirt and skirt from his hands, looking at it distastefully. My dad was pretty retarded if he thought I would ever go out looking like a slut, I was not that kind of girl, no matter how much he hoped I was.

"I thought you loved the valley girl look! It is really becoming." He winked in an attempt to look seductive, letting me know he already guessed my dad had bought them.

"Yeah right, I am being serious over here."

"So I am" a beat. "Here, put on this" He said as he tossed me a pair of jeggins with a white shirt he picked from the floor.

Once I had changed and done my makeup Taylor and I walked into 'The bulldog'. The pub was just a block away, and it was literally coming down, but they gave alcohol to minors or people without ID, and they had a few rooms open for the public if you either got so drunk you passed out on the pub or you were really horny and wanted to get laid. So, naturally, it was pretty popular for seniors from almost every school.

Contrary to popular belief, though we went there almost every day, we never drank and not even once used the available rooms, at least I did not, and neither did Taylor. Andrew and Brody did have the occasional beer, but they did not sleep around. The same could not be said for Patrick, he was actually the only member of our gang who got drunk on a regular basis and took almost every girl he knew to bed. Tonight 'The bulldog' was packed; almost every single person in our high school had come.

One of the things I never understood is how such a place could ever be so popular, the place was thoroughly disgusting, no joke. There was a drug dealer always sitting on the first table to the right, looking amusedly at the incessant roll of young people coming through the door, the place was a step away from ruin.

"Andrew" I squealed as soon as I saw the guy leaning over a table, asking the bartender for a beer as I made my way over. I liked Andrew a lot, he was this deviant blond boy who was always cracking jokes and making everyone feel better about themselves, he was the glue that kept the gang together.

"Hey Sabina" He smiled down at me as I hugged him; he was about five foot six, while I was about five feet, so I had to look up to look at his face. When I let him go, I saw Taylor and Brody making their way over to us.

Just as Taylor let himself drop down on one of the chairs Patrick came over to us, looking wasted and annoyed, with a clingy, half-naked girl hanging on to his shirt. She was about my height, though she looked a bit older and totally drunk, maybe even high and was sobbing hysterically. He shrugged her off and she fell to the floor, looking devastated. I frowned at Patrick before going to pick her up.

"She was molesting me!" Patrick cried defensively when he saw the look on my face. One of this days I was going to kill the guy, sure, the gals were annoying, not even I liked them, too much drama, and getting their heart broken once or twice did them more good than harm, but he could not go treating every girl he saw like that. The girl was drunk, probably on drugs, wearing only her bra and a miniature skirt that made the one my dad bought me look like a nun's outfit, shirt nowhere in sight, and he had left her there, crying on the floor.

I was going to make sure he had her rape on his conscience.

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