The ride back to Taylor's was spent with me telling the gang the motivations behind Rick's new look. Read: the black eye.

"And after he had left her crying half naked and drunk on the floor, he went straight to the next whore he could find and struck his tongue as deep as he could in her throat" I concluded the story.

Andrew looked at us with worry in his eyes, expecting a violent-inclined reaction from Rick at any minute. It was incredible how much he lost sleep over his friend. Andrew was the one who was closest to Patrick out of all of us, he is the only one who ever saw Rick's house, and if I didn't know better I would suspect it was a little more than friendship by the way they acted together when they were alone. It was actually kind of cute, they reminded me of Taylor and I. That had always been the way with Andrew though, he could get you to trust him in a matter of minutes, with Patrick it had been more of a matter of years, but considering it was Rick here who we were talking about, it was incredible that he had even achieved it.

After hearing the cause for the blow Patrick smirked. "What, jealous Gregory?" I hated when he called me by my last name, evidence of who my dad was. "I bet you were dying to have my tongue buried in your throat, as you so gallantly put it." He said with a wink in my direction. I just gave that boy the black eye of his life -well, maybe not of his life, but I'll make sure he doesn't forget it easily- and he was acting cocky? The nerve

I groaned as Brody slapped him upside the head and told him he was disgusting. "Sorry Sab, but I have to agree with Rick on this one, those girls brought it upon them" He then turned to me, trying to reason before I waxed feminist and gave them a speech.

"There is a slight difference in between a consensual one night stand and playing a girl. What he did was play her, and then left to fuck a slut right in front of her" I retorted, trying not to lash out at Brody.

We had by that time arrived at Taylor's house, were I would unfortunately have to spend the night. Yeah, don't give me that look, it is not fair.

I am not a slut. Now, everyone, repeat that after me together

That out of the way, I had to stay at Taylor's because, after dropping off Mariah, the boys decided that they would leave me at my place and have a boys' night at Taylor's. Well, let me tell you, when we arrived at my place, my oh so wonderful father, whom I look up to as a model for life, had locked me outside our house.

Noticed the sarcasm there?


My bitterness aside, my dad is a dick. He locked me out, probably on purpose, and left me homeless for the night. Just teaches me well; I should make a copy of my key and give it to Taylor, scratch that; I should give the original to Taylor.

So, given that I am practically a boy from all these years lacking a feminine influence, the guys let me crush land their all boy's pajama party, gay much? Needless to say, I was grateful that they spared me the hobo night of sleeping on the streets.

I smirked in Patrick's direction, continuing with the previous conversation. "And I would never be jealous, Melikov, not even in your wildest dreams"

By now I was plopped in Taylor's couch, squished between Patrick and Taylor, while Andrew and Brody raided the house in quest for food.

Patrick raised an eyebrow at my comment, and laid his hand on my tight. "You sure like this Gregory" He said as he moved his hand to my upper tight slowly.

I smirked "Two can play that game Melikov" I said as I entwined my fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck. Taylor groaned at my reaction.

"Could you two avoid PDA? I am going to have some major issues sleeping tonight knowing the possibility that two of my best friends are probably fornicating in my house"

Patrick leaned in "If you give us a bed then we can PDA right away and leave you to sleep in peace" he said before I swatted his hand away from my now really upper tight and jumped out of the couch. At my reaction both Patrick and Taylor laughed, they both knew that deep down I was a prude, despite all the crazy gossip about 'the epic wild sex I had last night'.

"Horny bastard" I muttered as I turned away and slammed into Brody, his hand flying to the small of my back to straighten me before I could fall on my ass.

"What did you say? I am sorry I don't think I heard you" Rick put his hand behind his ear, pretending to try to catch my words.

"I said you are a horny bastard" I said louder as I extricated myself from Brody's grasp, as both Brody and Andrew, who had just walked into the room his hands full of groceries, looked at me. Taylor barely refrained from smirking, the guy knew me, and I was still pissed about the issue with that girl, Mariah.

"Are you perhaps upset Sab, dear?" He used Taylor's nickname for me, sarcasm dripping from his words. Somehow, the fact that he had called me Sab managed to really upset me, or anger me, I didn't quite know, since I suddenly had the urge to cry and strangle him all rolled into one.

"What gave it away, Sasha dearest?" I asked using the Russian nickname he had lived trying to avoid. When we were younger he was pretty convinced Sasha was the coolest name ever, I actually liked it, it means the defender of people or something like it, but then we grew up and he decided that it was an awful nickname.

You see, Patrick was really Russian, he moved to live here with his uncle after his parents died in a plane crash, that much I knew, that and his complete name, Aleksandr Patrick Melikov, very few people knew it, as he usually went just for Rick Melikov.

Rick clenched his fists at the mention of that nickname "I am warning you" He grunted

I raised an eyebrow "I am warning you too; I promised I would personally make sure that payback caught you for tonight"

A smirk grew on his face, and he looked rather pleased with himself before answering. "If you are still jealous about that Sab we can play together whenever you want, there is no need for all this drama, they meant nothing to me" As soon as these words left his mouth three pairs of eyes snapped in our direction.

There was no going back now. "I think I'll take you on your offer, let's play a game" Taylor shot me a warning look which I chose to disregard "Let's sweet talk" I started

"Let's tell each other good morning and good night every day" Patrick interrupted me, immediately catching my drift.

"Let's talk 24/7" I retorted.

"Let's take walks together" He said, this quickly becoming a contest of who said the most romantic/ couple-y idea.

"Let's go on dates"

"Let's give each other nicknames"

I snorted. "Let's talk on the phone all night long"

"Let's hold each other"

"Let's play fight"

"Let's kiss and hug" Patrick concluded with a raised eyebrow as I gulped audibly

With a shaky breath I continued, wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into "And, whoever falls in love first?"

"Loses" Rick deadpanned.

We shook hands, and I wondered why had I just agreed to be the toy of the school's notorious playboy, what was wrong with me?

I stared into his cold blue eyes, boy; this was going to be fun.

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