Once the principal walked into the classroom I knew we were screwed. Avoiding the fact that the ever helpful Rachel hinted heavily that we were basically having sex in the room when Principal Spot demanded to know why on earth Mr. Bough had broken into his office snarled our surnames and marched off back into the classroom.

Mr. Bought was furious, and by furious I mean red faced I-will-bite-your-head-off-next-time-you-open-your-mouth furious. Slight chance he would be able to have his input in that conversation without biting his tongue of screaming his throat sore. Not that it was necessary, since delightful Victoria backed up everything dear Rachel said.

So, despite our protest and much to Melikov and my distress, our 'teenage pregnancy prevention' obsessed principal jumped into action, not that our status as whores really helped in that matter.

So we ended having a really uncomfortable talk in Mr. Spot's office, in which he gifted Patrick of a rubber. Melikov needed it anyway.

Really, people had gotten out of much more with much less trouble than we did, I mean, we weren't even making out. Usually, they didn't give you detention unless it was obvious that you were more than just making out in public. We were talking about Melikov and I anyway, so it was to be expected that authorities would be harsher over us, you know, repute does help in this kind of things. It also helped that I went all manipulative bitch when Mr. Bought gave Patrick detention, telling him my dad wouldn't be happy.

I know it sounds shitty, but I usually pulled the Draco Malfoy on my teachers, or, at least those of them I didn't like. At the mere mention of my dad they would blanch and leave me in peace. Not that I would ever have called my dad, or done any of the things I threatened, really, it surprised me that after all this years they had yet to notice that they were all just empty threats. I never had that kind of relationship with my dad, and even though I pretended it, I was not a spoilt brat.

The whole deal took us all the morning, so, after our confrontation with the principal we headed over to our usual spot in the cafeteria. We sat right in the middle of the cafeteria, in an overly crowded table.

Everyone in there save from the gang looked distrustfully between Rick and I.

I sighted as I sat down on the table and explained our disappearance from the face of earth that morning. "I had a falling with Mr. Bought, which ended on an awkward Bird and the Bees talk and detention" I knew our friends would have a field day with this story, and, since all our Sex Ed class had been there, gossip must already be out. There was really no point in denying the whole thing.

I got a few startled looks, even more when Patrick sat down with a rubber on his lunch tray.

"Let me guess, Rick and that rubber are somehow related?" Brody raised an eyebrow suspicious.

Unluckily, Rick chose just that time to hear into the conversation. "What? Didn't Sab here tell you that she was sent to detention for jumping me? That's where I got this beautiful…thing." Rick said as he waved of the condom

There was a burst of laughter from our gang, while everyone else looked on with curiosity. I guess the twenty or so other popular people cramming our table would be left out on the joke. What a pity.

"I don't think you will have a chance to use it anytime soon though, Melikov" I deadpanned, before we laughed again.

"Why wouldn't he use it?" Andrew hinted with a cocky grin.

"Because I'd kill him if he ever did" Both Taylor and Brody said at the same time, causing more laughter from our group. By this time, the rest of the people at our table had already decided that they must as well act as if they were in on the joke if they wanted to appear cool, so a few forced laughs accompanied ours.

"God, I think I broke a personal record, two death threats in less than a second, and not even coming from the family or the boyfriend." Rick joked.

It was common with him, given his history, that every time he got near a girl he would obtain some new personalized death threat. It would surprise you how creative people can be about it.

"If you aren't more careful you will receive your first death threat ever from the lady herself" I joked.

"Is there a Lady here?" Rick feigned curiosity, putting his hands to his eyes as if he were looking from binoculars.

"I really don't see anyone" Taylor laughed at me, Andrew and Brody following shortly.

The bell signaling the end of lunch prevented me from answering, or rather, my really mature answer from being heard.

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